What is your EDC (Every Day Carry) Camera

September 22, 2022  •  Leave a Comment

Hey Everyone! Hope you had a great week.  This week I want to talk about the camera you take with you where ever you go. The Photographer Chase Jarvis once said “ The best camera is the one you have with you”.  I am a firm believer that if you are a real photographer at heart that you should always have a camera on you. If your like me I’m always looking for great photographs and wouldn’t it be a shame if you found that great photo oppotunity and didn’t have a camera with you.  I have been shooting long before digital and tried to have some sort of camera with me but it always didn’t work out. But since digital started and I got my first Kodak digital camera I have always had a EDC camera with me.  I know , I know now a days we have Smart Phones that can do a great job and I agree the new iPhones and Google phones take fantastic photographs and all I have to do is have my phone with me and I have my EDC camera.  And that is a great option. I just listened to a Podcast on “This Week In Photo” where they were talking about what a iPhone 13pro can do even control ProPhoto lights.  Here is the link to the Podcast I’m Referencing “This Week In Photo iPhone 13”.  Also A link to the Website which has great Photography articles in it  TWIP (This Week In Photography) .  I think phones are great and I use mine to do Panographs when I’m out and about they work great and the photo is already stitched together.  But I like to have a dedicated camera when I do photography. The ergonomics are better for taking photographs and I don’t have to worry about getting a notification when I’m shooting.

What is my EDC camera? Well I have had it for a few years and its an older point and shoot but I like it very much. It’s the Canon G7XMarkII.  It’s a fantastic little camera.  I have just sold a lot of Sony Gear that I had grown out of and I sold one of my Crop Sensor Body’s that I was using as a backup camera so now this Point and shoot has become my backup camera when I’m on photography shoots with my big boy camera’s. It has a 1 inch sensor can shoot in manual and RAW. A one inch sensor is many times larger than a smart phone sensor and just smaller than a micro 4/3 sensor found in Olympus and Panasonic camera’s.  The touch screen makes going through the menu’s very easily and I wish that Sony would use the same touch screen on their camera’s. When it first came out on the market it was used mainly as a V-Logging camera but it’s out of date now because it doesn’t shoot 4K video which doesn’t matter to me because I shoot mainly still photographs which it does great. I have put an adapter on the front so I can use circular polarizer filter on it and have put a bottom plate on it which makes it a bit bigger and feels better in my hand. Gives my pinky finger somewhere to go. It doesn’t have a view finder but works well in low light. It’s has a 24-100mm f1.8-2.8 lens and can get some good bokeh out of it. It is a great walk around camera and would not hesitate to use if my main camera failed for some reason. I do have a cell phone a 2020 iPhone SE which is just a boosted iPhone 8. It’s basically the hardware of the 8 with the microprocessor of the 11 inside.  It’s small and compact and only has one lens instead of three or more of the newer and larger cellphones. So I guess its a backup to the Canon.  You can still pick up this camera from Amazon New for about 640 dollars. That’s 200 more than I paid for my phone. So a little pricy. The newer G7XMarkIII cost about 750 dollars. So you can spend a little more and get the newer version or save some money with the older one. The newer one shoot 4K that’s the biggest difference between the models.

So there you have it my EDC (Every Day Carry) Camera.  Let me know what you use. Is it your phone or do you have a dedicated camera like me?  Until next week Get out and Shoot!



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