How do you Share your Photography?

September 16, 2022  •  Leave a Comment

Hey Everyone! Hope you had a great week! As Photographers we should take photographs for ourselves first.  Taking what we like what we (not others ) think is the best shot. Wether it be portraits or street photography.  We should be the first customer. But after we edit and finally say its done. Then what?  Sharing your photography with others is a great way to show what you have done to others and maybe inspire someone else to get off the couch and see what you’ve seen. But how do you do it? There are many ways like Social Media. It’s called social for a reason because it can be personal.  Which I think is fb-artfb-art great! You want people to see your work.  Even if your not selling it.  I don’t try to sell anything anymore.  It was too much of a hassle to me I would much rather be the amateur photographer than try to make money out of it. I’m too old for all of that stuff. If I were in my twenties then maybe but that window has long past been closed. But I do like to share my photography. Here are some of the ways I do it.

Facebook- Yea I know nobody likes facebook anymore its all Snap Chat , Tic Tock or what ever the newest thing is. But Facebook works for me.  My Family and Friends are on Facebook so when I post they can see it. My camera club has theif Facebook page so I can share there and get tips and critiques to make my photography better.  You’re reading this probably on Facebook. So Face book is a great place to share.

flickrflickr Instagram, Flickr, 500PX. Photography related websites. I know I started on Flickr and have quit and restarted a couple of times and Instagram has gone Video for some reason and I have over 1300 photo’s there. But these are great places to see great photography and to share your photography.

Vero, I have just started using Vero a fairly new social media platform. So far I like it. It really makes my photo's look good. It has separate sections for video and other types of media but it does have a section just for photographs.  You can follow different photographers and like and comment just like you did in instagram and you can use Hashtags. So far I like it we'll have to see how it does in the long run.

Website- When I first started I did it the hard way I had a friend that had some server space and I created the website from scratch doing all of the coding myself.  And what a pain it was! But now its so easy and for just 5 bucks a month you can have a professionally looking web site that is easy to manage and drag and drop to add photo’s.  I have mine on Zenfolio but there are many more that will work great and are fairly inexpensive if your just showing off your photo’s.  I did go to “Go” and got my own URL “Max Stansell Photography”. All I had to to was type in the name and no one else had it so I made it mine for about 10 or so dollars a year. Creating your own website is easy and cheap and a great way to show off your work.

Business Cards? Yea Business Cards.  This is a great way to get people to look at your website. If you meet someone just give them a card so they can look your website up.  It doesn’t have to be fancy and business cards are cheap.  You can get hundreds for 25 bucks and they look great. You could have just a white one with your name and a QR code on it that takes people to your website. With just a plain white card you have a place to put email or any other information you need to when talking to someone. I always have some in my camera bags with me and in my wallet.

So as you can see there are lots of ways to Share your photographs. Please keep Printing them so you have something to pass down not just a hard drive full of images. But then Share online you are probably a better photographer than you think and you will hear praises of how good you are. Then they will say you must have a good camera! LOL So until next week Get Outside and Shoot!


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