Fall Colors Workshop Waynesboro VA

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Hey Everyone! This blog is a special edition than my normal Friday blog. The Goldsboro Area Photography Club (GAPC) has a couple of openings for our Fall Colors Workshop that will be in Waynesboro Va from Oct 15 to 22 ,2022. During this workshop you will get hopefully some really good fall foliage , sunrises, Sunsets, Waterfalls, quaint towns all decked out in holiday and harvest decorations photographs.  You will have a chance to really take some time and learn maybe a new technique like photo stacking or HDR. Maybe learn something new in Post Processing. Most importantly you will be Seneca RockSeneca RockCheck out the people on the top of the rock! able to fellowship with like minded people about photography. Have you ever been on a workshop before?  Maybe it was a day or half a day and you learned one thing or another. Think about a whole week what you can learn and experience as a photographer doing photography every day for a week.

We have two slots available the first one at a discounted price because we had a member that had to drop out and he is selling his spot at a Dry FallsDry Falls great price and the other slot is at regular price. I'll go over the numbers at the end of this blog. If you like fall colors (and who doesn't?) we will be right on the Blue Ridge Parkway and just outside of Shenandoah National Park. I know what you're thinking. It's kinda weird to go off for a week with people that you don't know that well.  I understand. I have been to all of our Fall Color Workshops. The first one I had only been a member for maybe a year but really only saw members at the meetings and workshops that were half a day. This was out of my comfort zone. When I arrived at the meeting place I got into the car with a mother/daughter duo. I had met the mother at the meetings but not the daughter. I Looking Glass 2Looking Glass 2 can say that after that trip we have become life long friends.  I just got back from a trip to Boston to do some photography with them. So don't be shy we are a welcoming group.

Let me explain how it works.  We get a house through Air B&B or VRBO for a week.  We split the cost by who's going. This trip the cost came to 310 dollars. That pays for your lodging the more people usually the cheaper. You can't stay anywhere in a hotel for 310 a week. We have separate sleeping arrangements for guys and gals. We usually always have a Guy bathroom and a Gals bathroom so you ladies don't have to follow one of us. LOL  We car pool everywhere and the price of all of the gas is split between all of us. Depending on the price of gas this Mill Shoals at NightMill Shoals at Night is usually in the 60 dollars range maybe a little more.  Food for the house. Coffee , sandwich materials, bottled water, Pizza's etc.... is all split between everyone. Maybe 25 or 30 bucks not much. Most meals are eaten out and you pay for your own. We do sometimes make sandwiches and take for lunches. Thats pretty much the cost. Let me give you a typical day.

Early Rise. We usually start early to get a sunrise shot,Waterfall or destination. Depending on how far we need to drive will dictate how early we get up. If the place is close by and we aren't doing a sunrise we will get breakfast at a local restaurant if we leave super early we will grab a New River Gorge BridgeNew River Gorge BridgeNew River Gorge Bridge at Fayetteville Station in New River Gorge National Park. biscuit or something at a fast food place because they are the only ones open. This is the only time we eat at chain restaurants.

First location. Whether its a Waterfall, or scenic shot we will spend plenty of time for you to get your shot or many shots.  This is the time that you could borrow say a lens from someone that has the same camera system as you or get advice on how to shoot.  We don't have one instructor teaching anything we have many with decades of experience in shooting that can help you if you need it.

Glade Creek MillGlade Creek MillThe Famous Glade Creek Mill in Babcock State Park in WVa. Lunch. Lunch can either be a bag lunch that we prepared or a sit-down lunch at a local diner or restaurant.  We have had sit in the grass picnics on the blue ridge or in a National park at picnic tables where we got to see a bear get tagged and measured.  Usually not the big meal of the day.

Afternoon Location. This could be a scenic overlook or looks or a charming small town like in the morning you will have plenty of time to shoot we try not to rush anyone.

Supper. Depending if we are doing a sunset shot or not this is usually at a decent hour. Usually at a local restaurant .  This is usually a nicer meal but it could be order in pizza. Bull ElkBull ElkThis Bull Elk was at Cherokee North Carolina.

Evening time. This time after a long day is spent taking showers, sitting around in your PJ's editing the days shots. This is where you can get great post processing tips and tricks.

This is a typical day and we stay busy all day. It's called a workshop for a reason. The Fall Colors workshop has been the highlight of my year ever since I've started going.  I rearrange my yearly schedule around it. The fist day is where you'll make most of your mistakes with the camera but as the week goes on you'll be surprised how easily the Cass Scenic Railroad State ParkCass Scenic Railroad State Park photographs come and you just have to concentrate on composition. You don't need any special equipment if you have a camera no matter what type you are good to go even if its only a smart phone.

This deal is for members of the GAPC only! If you are not a member you can join for 35 dollars membership dues. Being a member has many benefits this trip is just one of them. 

Prices .1st person 250 dollars payable to Jack (we will get you all the info) if not a member 35 dollars payable to our treasurer.

2nd person 310 dollars and must be a member or pay the 35 dollar due.

Please leave a comment that you want to go on the Facebook page (not this blog) and someone will get in touch with you. This is for people in the Goldsboro NC area and surrounding counties.  Come have fun with us. 

Here are some video Links. 2021 West Virginia Workshop  2017 NC Fall Colors  2016 Fall Colors WV

GAPC Washington DC


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