RavPower File hub Update.

September 08, 2022  •  Leave a Comment

Hey Everyone! I hope everyone is doing great this week. If you can remember when I took my trip to Utah I was using A RavPower File hub to backup my SD cards and everything was fine except the Dating on the Files. Well I figured out what I did wrong! Yes it was user error , the nut behind the wheel. Here is a quick overview of the file hub if you don't remember.

The RAV Power File Hub wireless travel Router. There are Four things you can do with this device. (1st) its is a backup battery source.(not a large one at 6700mah battery) (2nd )it can act as a wireless router from a wired ethernet cable or (3rd) it can be hooked up to wireless intent say at a hotel and be a secure WIFI with another layer of security. You don't have to subscribe to some sort of VPN service. With this device you can do many things but the main thing I want to do with it is (4th) backup my SD cards.  To use you simply Plug in your SD card and your SSD drive hold in the transfer button for 5 seconds and the device will copy everything off of your SD card to your External Drive into a Time Stamped File.  You can then access your files via WIFI and edit them on your device.  This is pretty cool .  The very cool part is that its only 60 bucks.  There are fancier devices that can do this but they can cost up to 800 dollars for a 1TB drive one that they don't even make anymore.   The draw backs are that transfer times of data are not as fast as a laptop.  But it's not terrible. Maybe only a minute or two longer from SD to SSD.  But you can choose what hard drive you want to go to by hooking up any drive you have to it. So it's versatile . The size of this device is small at 4.4 X 3 X .9 inches weighing only 7 ounces.

Screenshot The problem that I was having when I was on the road is that every timed stamped folder had the same date. I didn't notice until a few days in and I panicked a little but all my files were there and I just had to rename the folder. Well I said I would get back to you when I figured it out. I have another trip planned in a few weeks and I wanted to get this figured out before I left. And I did. The time and date stamp comes from the File Hub. You can set this manually or have the internet do it for you by syncing the time and the date each time File hub hooks up. Well this is where I messed up. I wasn't hooking this device to the internet or manually setting the date each day. For each hotel we were in during our trip I just needed to connect to the WiFi and it would automatically set the time and date.  Which I did not do. My iPad has Cellular coverage and I was using that for my internet so I didn't need my file hub to be connected to the hotel Wifi for anything . Or so I thought. So now there is an extra step to make sure that the file hub is connected to the internet before I transfer the files and a new folder each day will be made and all of the files from the SD card will be put in that folder. I did a test the last three days to make sure it worked and it did I just needed to make sure it was hooked to the Wifi before I started transferring files. If you want more info on the way I view and transfer files while on the road I'll refer you to this blog  Traveling without a Computer . So until next week get out and do some traveling! Get out and Shoot!


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