Timing is Everything! For National and State Parks.

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Hey Everyone! Hope you're great this week.  I just got back from a hike with my hiking buddy "Forrest the Wonder Dog" and while I was hiking I was thinking about this subject. Timing is Everything!  When Traveling to National and State Parks. I just got back a month ago from a week long photo trip to Utah.  We were very careful on the Timing of our trips to the parks and tried to time them perfectly.  That doesn't always go as you think it should because some of these parks were on the way to somewhere. But over all we planned well. Here are some tips on timing your photography or any other type of trip to National or State Parks.

1. Time of year. Planning the time of Double ArchDouble ArchArches National Park Utah year can greatly effect the enjoyment factor you will have on your trip. Take into consideration the climate of the region that you are going to. Is it going to be covered in snow? Many parks when in the dead of winter have many trails and roads closed due to weather. Or is it going to be scorching hot? Visiting a place in the dead of summer might not be so good if you're going to Florida or Texas. Try to go when schools are in session. I know this is not as a big factor now because of Covid and many kids are home schooled. But this can be a big factor. Families take their kids on vacation during summer break making the parks more crowded. When we planned our trip to Utah the weather was a big consideration and spring wild flowers. The temps were cool in the morning and in the 70's during the day. Perfect for hiking.

Forsyth Park FountainForsyth Park FountainForsyth Park Fountain, Savannah Ga a lovely 30 acre park. Great fountain and lots of shade on a hot summers day. #MaxStansellPhotography #funwithphotography #Getoutandshoot #awesomestuffisee #SonyA6300 #alphashooter #NorthCarolinaPhotographer #NorthCarolinaLiving #visitNC #NorthCarolina 2. Time Arriving at the Park. As the old saying goes . "The Early Bird Gets the Worm" This is also good in photography.  Don't sleep in! I know you're on vacation but you can sleep late when you're at home.  Use your time visiting these places smartly. The golden hours in the morning and evening are the best light to shoot in. Getting somewhere early is key. Maybe scout a place to shoot one day and go early the next when the light is best. If your a wildlife photographer wildlife is more active in the morning and the evening.  They usually chill out in the heat of the day. I like to get up early head out and shoot then come back to my camp or restaurant for breakfast. If you need some energy early take a breakfast bar with you to hold you over. Heading out with a full stomach after a big meal could mean disaster.  If your stomach is iffy like mine is you have to be very careful when you eat and hike long miles. Just saying. After your morning shoot and breakfast then is the time to scout more places to shoot. Visit the visitors center ,chill out in the heat of the day.

3. Using your time wisely.  As I said earlier your at a special place one you don't regularly visit.  After your Sunset HerringSunset HerringMax Stansell Photography morning shoot. Visit a nearby town. Most of the towns near National Parks are pretty cool destinations in themselves. Check out a coffee shop or a restaurant.  Visit the visitors center see the movies that they usually have telling about the park.  Scout for evening shots or shots for the next day.  Take a hike or Take a nap! Nothing is better than laying in a hammock swinging in the breeze getting some rest.  So you can go out later or get up early the next day. LOL

As you can tell I love visiting State and National Parks and seeing different things.  So just don't sit in the house on the weekend get out and explore and shoot!



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