What do I Shoot? Stills!

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Hey Everyone! Hope you had a great week.  This week I wanted to share my thoughts on how I approach photography. People I meet and I show my photo's to sometimes say "You must have a good Camera" or "What kind of Camera shot this?". And as photographers we know its not the camera. But I do have good camera's . Yes I have more than one camera.  And so do all of my Photography friends. But really any camera made in the last 10 years is a good camera. It's how you use the tools you own.  I shoot on three different formats or sensor size , one inch, APSC(cropped) and Full Frame. Really four if you counting my iPhone. All of them give me great photographs. Yes photographs I shoot Still's mainly.  I dabble in using a GoPro every now and then but that's for more documentary type video. Like where I've been.   My cameras are geared toward and set up for Still Photography. Here are my good camera's and what I use them for.

1. The iPhone. Like most of you I carry a smart phone everywhere I go.  I use this for taking quick snapshots maybe a selfie or two.  I also use it for reference shots. For example my wife sends me to the store to get something she just ran out of. I can take a photo of the item and look for it at the store. Or if I'm at the store I can take a photo of something and send it to her to make sure I'm getting the right thing or not . Usually not! LOL. Smart phones have become a very large part of ours lives in that way.

2. A One Inch Sensor.  I have a point and shoot camera that really goes with me when I'm at work everyday. If I get a chance to take a walk or visit a city park while I'm at lunch that is what I take with me to shoot with LeafLeaf rather than my phone even though a phone would work.  I like using a dedicated camera instead of the phone when I can. I also take this camera with me on hikes when I'm just in it for the exercise instead of photography purposes.  But if I see something I can always take it out. It's an older point and shoot made by Canon. A G7XMII at 20MP.  In its day it was a very popular VLOG'ing camera but it is two or three generations old now. But it still makes good stills and shoots in manual. Thats why I like it.

3. An APSC (Crop Sensor). This camera is my main Landscape and Wildlife camera.  It is a fantastic camera even though it is a couple of generations old. It shoots great stills. It has in body stabilization. I have three great lenses that can go from approx. 15mm to 550mm in full frame terms. It is lightweight and I can hike into places with great ease and I have the camera to get the shot. I take this camera when Landscape or Wildlife is the object of the trip. It is perfect for the purpose of landscapes which is one of my main photography subjects. This camera is a Sony A6500 at 24MP. Christmas LightsChristmas Lights

4. Full Frame.  My full frame camera I use for everything else not mentioned here. Street/urban photography. Portraits. Studio work. Right now I only Shoot primes with this camera. I love primes!  They make me think and stir up my artistic juices. I have a 24mm, 35mm, 55mm and a 85mm that I use. I normally have one lens on the camera and carry one more. I never have all of them together. This makes me work harder and think more.  It slows me down and gets my feet moving. I the way this camera feels in my hand more like a traditional camera. My APSC is more of a rangefinder style and this one is more of a DSLR camera feel to it. The camera I am currently using is a Sony Alpha A7II at 24MP . It also has in body image stabilization.  I am currently working on upgrading this camera body to a newer version and will trade to upgrade to a Sony Alpha A7III.  I'll let you know how that goes. I'm sure I'll have a blog on it soon. 

EYESEYES As you can see I use older camera's .  I don't need the latest and greatest camera's which seem all of the upgrades are in the video side of the camera not the Still side. I tend to buy used camera's from places like MPB or KEH where you can get a fair trade in for the camera or equipment you have. Then I can use my money for trips or better lenses. Over the last year or so I have really paired down my camera gear to what I need and getting rid of all of the gear that maybe I really liked at one time but don't use anymore.  So that's enough of that until next week get outside and shoot!


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