Advantages of Shooting Crop Sensor Cameras!

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Hey Everyone! Hope you had a great week. This week I want to talk about Mirrorless Crop Sensor Cameras and the advantages they hold. First of all what is a crop sensor camera? A crop sensor camera has a sensor smaller than a Full frame sensor camera which is the size of old 35mm film. There are Micro 4/3rds camera's and APSC cameras. These are the ones I'll be mainly talking about but there are all types and sizes of camera sensors.  Crop sensors get a bad rap from a lot of the Full Frame and Medium format shooters.  But they are great cameras and can take great photographs. I use crop sensor camera's and full frame camera's.  But I wanted to give you some reasons to use crop sensor cameras. 

- They are smaller. The bodies tend to be smaller and more lightweight than their full frame counterpart. AMT2016-sony-a6300-review-0423-2AMT2016-sony-a6300-review-0423-2Photographer: Anthony Thurston Especially if you are comparing them to their Full Frame DSLR counterpart. This makes them great for travel , landscape, street .  Anywhere you have to carry your gear. One of the first reasons I went to mirrorless crop sensor camera was because of size. I did a lot of hiking at the time and my full frame DSLR was just too big and heavy.

- The lenses are smaller. This is a big advantage from the full frame counterpart. Much more than the bodies the lenses are much smaller and lighter but still give you great quality. This with the smaller bodies make them great for travel photography.  You can get very good lenses in the crop sensor size.  And sometimes they can fit in your pocket! Street photographers like the smaller lenses because it makes them more inconspicuous when in a crowd.

- Less expensive.  The crop sensor and bodies and lenses are cheaper than full frame cameras.  Almost by half!  A 24-70mm 2.8 full frame lens can cost up to and beyond 2000 dollars but a crop sensor lens with the same specs only 1/2 the price.  The money you save on equipment is more money that you can spend on travel and experiences.  

- Smaller File Size.  The files that these camera's produce are much smaller than the larger sensor camera's. This creates two advantages for you.

    - This makes the camera quicker!  More frame rates! Crop sensor camera's are used for sports photography quite often because they are quicker when a photographer has continuous shutter on the cameras can be very fast and buffering is not as much as a problem as with full frame cameras. So great for Sport and Wildlife photography.

   - The smaller files are great on your computer also!  The smaller files take up less room and are easier for your computer to process! What does this mean? It means you don't have to update your computer as much and you can use that money for more experiences.  The smaller files make them easier to process and to store! 

Price LandingPrice Landing -Larger Depth of Field- The depth of field in these cameras are generally larger than their full frame counterparts.  The depth of field is the amount of the photo that is in focus. Say if you took a photo with a 50mm lens equivalent on a full frame camera and a crop sensor camera and they both were set to F4 the crop sensor would have more of the frame in focus than the full frame camera.  This is an advantage when shooting landscapes or anything you want more depth of field.  I use my crop sensor camera for Landscapes for that reason. Dasiy FieldDasiy Field

To sum up there are many advantages to using a crop sensor camera. They are lightweight, smaller, cheaper, smaller file size and larger depth of field. When I was first considering a crop sensor camera I only shot full frame. I was worried about quality. I got an inexpensive crop sensor camera and used the kit lens that it came with and started comparing similar shots used with each and I couldn't tell the difference. I liked the crop sensor so much I sold all of my full frame stuff and shot only crop sensor for many years .  I've just recently got another full frame camera to play with. The quality is great in these little camera's and are a great investment for anyone wanting to get into photography.  Next week we'll talk on the advantages to Full sensor sized camera's. So until next week get outside and keep shooting.


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