Unexpected Surprise!

June 10, 2022  •  Leave a Comment

Hey Everyone! Hope you are doing well this week.  This week has been a big week for me. I traded a couple of camera's in to MPB for a newer full frame camera.  Now that is big news but not what this blog is about that will be for later. The big surprise is what came in the box of new to me but used camera. It was a look into the past. The people that I guess sold this camera put an SD card in the camera. Its an old SD card and one I'm sure they just had laying around but to me it was fascinating! It was a 8GB card and it was over 10 years old. When I first got my camera and started setting it up for me I discarded this card and put my much larger and newer cards in the slots and proceeded into going through the menus of my new camera. Today I saw the card laying on my desk and decided to look at it. Thats where the surprise happened.  It actually had photo's on it. But not from my camera but from a 11 year old one. A Nikon D3100. Its a 14MP camera that I'm sure it was a kit bought at a big box store somewhere. It had the same kit lens that it came with a 18mm to 55mm . The card had over 500 photo's from 4 years of vacations of a young couple traveling Europe and beyond. There were only photo's from these trips on the card.  So I'm guessing that they only used the camera when they traveled. At the end of the photo's there were shots of a new born baby.  I'm sharing some of the photo's but not photo's of the people or the baby.  I brought these photographs into Lightroom to look at them in more detail. I actually culled them and processed them lightly like I would my photographs. Straighten them and hit the auto button in Lightroom that's about it.  They were all shot in JPG non raw photographs.  I was surprised at how good some of these photo's are. You could tell that these young people wanted to upgrade their photo's from their phones. Most of the first vacation was shot in Portrait mode like most people shoot with their phones. Thats how they were used to seeing things so that's how they shot. You could tell by the metadata that they were probably shooting in Program mode because of the metadata that was showing. But the camera did well because most of the photographs came out well.  You could tell that they were artsy people because they did have some photo's at different museums or galleries and it showed in their composition of the photo's they had .  They were pretty good. Here are some of the places they went.

Paris, France, This couple took a autumn trip to the city of Paris and surrounding area. There are lots of photo's of the Eiffel Tower , the Louvre museum in Paris. The trees leaves were changing colors and everything was beautiful. This was in November of 2011.

Pacific Northwest USA, I'm guessing they (the couple) were from the north west of USA, I have found photo's of the hay stacks on the coast of Oregon and Washington State. There is skyline shots of Seattle and probably National Parks in this area. 

London England.  A week long trip to London with photo's of Big Ben, London Bridge and surrounding areas.  I think they may have gone to France again because I saw the Eiffel Tower shots in this time frame also.

Finally there were shots of a Island paradise somewhere.  With Grass huts over water and lovely Island scenes. Sunsets over lagoons with lush jungles. 

The last photo's of this card was of a new baby.  Don't know if it was theirs but I'm saying yes.  All of those romantic thrips produced a baby. LOL

This was a glimpse into someones life.  I could tell a story from the photo's that I saw. It was a pleasant and unexpected surprise. I'm sure this card was just thrown into the slot to sell but what a joy to find.  I wish I could post more but not enough room. Until next week get outside and start your adventure.


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