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Photography Trip without Computer. How did that Go?

June 23, 2022 - Hey Everyone! How's your week going? This week is an update or a review on my workflow while on the road. I did a blog o...
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Unexpected Surprise!

June 10, 2022 - Hey Everyone! Hope you are doing well this week. This week has been a big week for me. I traded a couple of camera's in...
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For Travel Backup SD cards without a Computer!

April 01, 2022 - Hey Everyone! Today I'm talking about a topic that I've been trying to perfect for the last couple of years. Backing up...
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My Work Flow

February 03, 2018 - Hey everyone! I have done a few blogs and videos on different portions of my process but haven't really gone through the...
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Photo File Backup Strategy

January 07, 2018 - Hey everyone! I hope the holidays were safe and full of happy memories. It's the beginning of the new year, we've had ou...
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