First Camera "What should I get?"

December 24, 2022  •  Leave a Comment

Hey Everyone ! I hope everyone is having a good new year.  This week I want to discuss something that happened to me over the holidays and has had me thinking ever since.  While at our Christmas party for the camera club I am a member of one of our newest members asked me about what camera should she get for her first camera. It kind of through me off a little and I tapped danced around the subject and told her about buying used and to do research before she made her decision.  I told her that I could recommend a camera to her but it would be my opinion and to tell you the truth there really is no bad camera's out there. I got to thinking about it and wondered if I helped her at all trying to figure out what camera to get. I don't think so I started talking about sensor size and her eyes started to glaze over. LOL But after long hard thinking over the last couple of weeks I came to a decision on what camera to get. But before I tell you let me go through my thought process with you.

So your first camera is a big decision and one I haven't had to make in over 45 years when I bought my first one from the Sears Catalog! But things have changed a whole lot since the film days. So first I wanted to figure out what a beginning photographer needed in a camera. Not knowing what type of photography She wanted to do . (Forgot to ask that important Question) I'll stick with general photography. To really learn photography you need to be able to shoot in Manual and learn what all of the settings mean. So the camera should be able to shoot in manual and all of the other modes also. It should have a good range zoom on it to keep from having to buy many lenses at the start. It should be fairly affordable .  It should be easy to use. So I got to thinking what camera would fulfill all of those needs?  

The camera that fulfills all of those needs was right in front of my face and in my Backpack. It was the Canon G7X series or similar in another brand. My EDC (every day carry) camera. It fulfills all of the needs that I mentioned above.  Now a days people are used to using their phone to take photo's and that works great but when you want to advance you want something that is more. My little point and shoot does that. It has a 1" sensor which is considerably bigger than the one in your phone. It can shoot in manual or any of the auto modes. It has a 24-100 equivalent f1.8-2.8 Zoom lens on it. It shoots in Raw and Jpeg. You can get an accessory like I did and you can use filters. I have a polarizer and a ND filter that I can use on it. It is easy to use and has a touch screen that works great and is similar to that on a phone. It is a great starter camera! If you decide that you want to go deeper into photography later on you can invest in any system and still have a great backup camera. When I go on trips this is my backup camera.  I should have pulled the camera out of my backpack and put it in her hand she would have fallen in love with it. This is a great camera to learn on and I have won monthly Photography challenges with this little camera.

So Maria this blog was especially for you or anyone that is looking to get a first camera this would be my recommendation . A first camera should be one that you learn on and fun to shoot  this one checks all of the boxes and does not break the bank. It is not suppose to be a professional one. So I think a point and shoot that can do all of these things is the one to get first. Here is a link to another blog that I have done on this camera. MY EDC (Every day Carry)  So until next time Get out and Shoot!


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