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Teardrop Trailer

April 08, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

_DSC6468_DSC6468 A couple of  weekends ago my wife and I became the proud owners of a Little Guy T@G Max Teardrop camping trailer.  Teardrop trailers have been around since the 30's when a Popular Mechanics Article was written on how to build one. These little trailers are really a travel trailer that was designed to be a way to stay overnight with out getting a hotel on a long trip. They can be pulled by almost any car and are great for camping , Tailgating , or any kind of travel.  We got one so we can travel more, see different places, without paying too much money for hotels , food etc...  These little trailers can have all kinds of amenities with them. _DSC6464_DSC6464  Mine has a queen size bed , TV, AC, AM/FM , DVD, 2 Burner Stove, Sink, Fridge and everything runs off of a 12 Volt deep cycle battery except the AC.  So you could be away from electrical outlets and still watch TV or cook etc...  They even have Solar Panel hook ups if want to recharge your battery if your way off of the grid.  

What I like about them is that they get me and my wife out of the house together. Now I love to go backpacking and hiking and taking my camera with me deep into the woods.  Putting up a hammock or tent and staying there all night my wife doesn't like roughing it as much as I do though.  It brings amenities of home with you as you camp. _DSC6448_DSC6448  We have been tent campers for quite a long time and enjoy setting up a tent in a state park or national park but we decided to upgrade to this little guy that is really a tent and kitchen on wheels. But it doesn't have the cost of a big RV trailer that would have to be towed by a larger vehicle than we have and would require a lot more maintenance than we would like to do in our older years.  Right now its a bit of a learning curve trying to figure out everything with the trailer but we are fast learners.  

We took one trip already with our teardrop.  We went to a state park not to far from here to Medoc Mountain State Park.  A nice little park thats about an hour and a half away and a great spot for our maiden voyage.  And everything went pretty well the weather didn't cooperate very much it was chilly and calling for rain that it finally did late at night. IMG_2254IMG_2254  We stumbled through getting things set up and put in the right places learning about the stove as we cooked a couple of meals in our new kitchen.  We are towing our new trailer with my old faithful truck my 1999 Ford F150  "Betsy".  We plan on buying a new car in a couple of years but until then "Ole Betsy" will be our tow vehicle.  This weekend I built a hard tonneau cover for my truck for security and maybe a little of gas milage boost would be a plus.  It turned out pretty good and I saved myself hundreds of dollars.  Plan on going on another trip this coming weekend Im sure there will be a blog about it.  

Keep shooting!



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