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New Personal Project "365 Print"

May 08, 2016  •  1 Comment

_DSC6406_DSC6406 Hey Everyone!  I know its been a while since I've posted but as all of you know life gets in the way of things.  A lot has gone on since we last met.  My wife and I have taken a couple of trips in our new Little Guy Trailer and are getting better at using it and learning all of the ins and outs of it.  Well now to my new personal project. 

You have heard of 365 day Photo projects that have you take or post a photo every day for a year.  As simple as that seems if you work 40 plus hours a week and commute another 15 on top of that you really don't have time to plan, take and process a photo a day.  I propose in my project is to print a photo for every day of the year.  In other words print at lest 365 photo's a year.  In my new years resolutions I had to print more.  This project will certainly do this.  Now you don't have to print one every day.  Just 365 a year so you can print in batches.   _DSC6457_DSC6457

One of my most favorite things to do with family is to look at old photographs of years gone by.   When my parents were young and everything was in black and white .  You look ate the photo then turn it over to see what is wrote on the back.  In the digital age we don't have that bring out the shoe box and look at photo's and Im afraid that in the future this act will be lost.  So I've come up with this project.  I may even go back a few years and print those as well.  I want my grandchildren to be able to tell their  children and show them the photo's that I have taken and hold them in their hands.  

IMG_4152IMG_4152 This is not a artwork project its more of a journalistic project.  The prints don't have to be large they can be 4x6, and they don't have to be perfect prints.  They don't have to be artsy they can be plane snapshots of everyday things , your house, Car, everyday stuff along with your artsy stuff.  Your family wants to see photo's of family along with your fancy shots so mix them up.  

​So go find some shoe boxes and start filling them up with memories for your family. _DSC6932_DSC6932


That is an excellent project! I have a trunk full of photos from the film days that I have taken. My digital photos rarely make it to print. I want my kids to have some shoeboxes full of memories too!!
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