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Photography Day Trip "Cedar Point"

January 08, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

Marsh ReflectionMarsh ReflectionMax Stansell Photography As a photographer wether it be professional or a hobbyist we get very busy in our daily lives and trips to just do photography can be far and few between.  I really try hard to make time on the weekends to get out even if its for a day trip close by. Sometimes it can be close by but usually I'll have to drive a little to get somewhere that is not so familiar to me.  I love to go to places that I haven't been before because it really gets me looking at things with fresh eyes.  

January FieldJanuary FieldMax Stansell Photography Last weekend I went to Cedar Point Recreation Area in NC.  There they have a Trail that goes along the marsh lands. On my drive there I saw a couple of scenes that looked great so I stopped and took some photo's.  I had a great time hiking along the trail while the sun was still in its early stages.  I really didn't get anything that you would call a fantastic shot.  But I had a good time looking for the fantastic shot.

_MSP9832_MSP9832Max Stansell Photography After walking the trail at Cedar point I drove to Swansboro a quant little town that I walked through.  I have been here many times but I like to go once a year or so trying to get a photo that I haven't taken before.

​This coming weekend I plan on going on a photo walk in Raleigh NC to do some street photography.  This will be a good fit for my Sony A6000 Kit.  I like using it in different situations.  Im still a little awkward with the A6000 kit but I have fun playing with it.  Looking forward to seeing new things and getting way out of my comfort zone.  Hopefully I'll get some great Photo's.   Trying to put myself in more uncomfortable photography situations to make myself a better photographer.  Hope to to some more traveling also.  I'll post about my trip to Raleigh next week.


Keep Shooting!!!

Swansboro ElvisSwansboro ElvisMax Stansell Photography _MSP9817_MSP9817Max Stansell Photography


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