Photo Walk "Raleigh NC"

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2016-01-09-MSP-1262016-01-09-MSP-126Max Stansell Photography This last weekend I went on a Photo Walk with some friends in my Camera Club to Raleigh NC.  Raleigh is the Capital of NC and we live about 1.5 hours away.  To me this is the "Big City" I know its not New York or LA its a big city but to me and puts me way out of my comfort zone.  Luckily we had someone with us that was very familiar with Raleigh to guide us through our  small adventure.  So the city had me out of my comfort zone and my eyes were looking this way and that taking in all of the big city scenes.  Street photography is something that I haven't done much of and that had me nervous and excited all at the same time.  It was very nice to be in a group (we had about 7 people) walking together.  We did get some of the same photo's but we also got a lot that were very different. We started late morning around 10ish and started walking.  I don't know how many blocks we covered (not too many) and after a couple of hours we were ready for lunch.  We stopped at a local eatery and had some gourmet hot dogs.  Something we don't get at home. 2016-01-09-MSP-1372016-01-09-MSP-137Max Stansell Photography

It was a very over cast day perfect for Black and White photography but as my friend Kevin would say its always a good time for B/W photography.  So after lunch we went out again but rain was forecast for later in the day so we tried not to lollygag too much.  We went to the capital building and worked our way back to the parking deck where we parked.  We decided to go to the local camera shop and of course camera nuts like us we had a ball.  I actually bought a few things.

2016-01-09-MSP-0602016-01-09-MSP-060Max Stansell Photography We then decided to go to the Museum of Art and look around.  It was very crowded there but we roamed around a little and then decided to go to the State Flea Market a good people watching place.  But because of the weather there was not too many people there.  After walking around a while we decided to head home.  Had a great day with friends and learned a lot about street photography.  The biggest thing I learned is that I have a lot to learn but I really had a great time and am itching to go again.  So try some street photography!


Keep Shooting!

2016-01-09-MSP-1632016-01-09-MSP-163Max Stansell Photography 2016-01-09-MSP-1422016-01-09-MSP-142Max Stansell Photography 2016-01-09-MSP-0452016-01-09-MSP-045Max Stansell Photography


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