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New Year's Photography and Backpacking Resolutions

January 01, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

resolutions2016-crop-600x338resolutions2016-crop-600x338 Hey Everyone!  I took a week off for Christmas and I hope everyone had a Happy and Safe Holiday!  Its the time of the year where everyone makes New Years resolutions on "loosing weight" or "quitting smoking".  But the list that I want everyone to think of is the resolutions pertaining to photography and for me backpacking.  I think setting goals early in the year and trying to keep them is a good way to improve on your photography.  So lets get on with some resolutions in no particular order.

Take More Photographs- This sounds simple enough but for someone that works 45 hours a week and commutes 15 more hours this can be quite a chore.  As I get older I seem to take fewer photos than when I was younger maybe this is because of inexperience when I was younger but as I age the photo's are getting better but I'm taking fewer.  I want to take more quantity and quality photo's. Cape Lookout IR 2Cape Lookout IR 2Max Stansell Photography

Take Photo's that Tell a Story-  Many times we get caught up on the scene at hand and end up taking really good snap shots that are pretty, but don't really tell a story.  Photo's that tell a story are more meaningful but not only for you to remember them by but for others that see the photograph.  The story doesn't have to be a dramatic one it could be something in the photo that tells the viewer where it is.  For example taking a photo of the Mississippi River can be a fine photo but if you have the St. Louis Arches in them then you know exactly where the photo is from.  A very small story but anyone that see's the photo knows a small story.

Explore New Places- Taking time to research and go to places where I haven't been before.  Taking Backpacking trips and hiking places where I've never been.  I'm also looking into a teardrop trailer (Small Travel Trailer) that I can pull behind a small vehicle to go camping at RV parks with my wife to save cost of hotel rooms.  Would really like to take a trip out west but I really don't see that happening this year but maybe in the future.

Wright Brothers MonumentWright Brothers Monument Don't Buy Any More Photo Equipment-  I Really have enough equipment.  As a guy I am a gear head but I really don't need any more equipment.  Now thats not saying that if a Really good deal drops in front of me that I won't  jump on it! LOL  I really get caught up in Equipment and Settings on my camera and sometimes miss photo's because of it.  This year I'm going to try not to be consumed with gear.  But , I really could use another bag.  LOL.  Taking photo's will be my goal this year not Gear.

Get out of my Comfort Zone-  Getting out of my comfort zone will help me be a better photographer.  When you take photo's out of your comfort zone you tend to think more and take your time to get a shot and that usually always produces a good shot.  So get out of yours.

Print more Photo's-  I have a nice printer that I don't use as much as I should.  People like photo's they can hold either in a frame or just the print.  When you make a print you have something that can last for decades and also gives your relatives something to look at.  One of my favorite things to do is go through photo's that are saved in a shoe box.  Flipping through the photo's by hand is a real treat.  I would love for my grandchildren to do that with my photo's.  So print more!

So these are some of my Photography New Years Resolutions.  What are some of yours.  If you don't have any make some or use some of mine but please make some.  

Keep Shooting!



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