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Day Trip to NC Transportation Museum

January 22, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

2016-01-16-MSP-0482016-01-16-MSP-048Max Stansell Photography I got to ride on a CHOO, CHOO!  I took a day trip to the NC Transportation Museum.  It is a fun Museum to visit especially for the kids!  Lots of Trains and everything associated with trains.  We even got to ride on one.  The museum is located in Spencer North Carolina at a old train repair depot.  It took us a few hours to drive to from our house but it was a easy drive.  Spencer is a small town just beside Salisbury NC just off of interstate 85.  Trains aren't the only thing they have there there are Cars, Trucks, and everything associated with Automobiles.   2016-01-16-MSP-0142016-01-16-MSP-014Max Stansell Photography They have a section dedicated to Winged flight as well.  They have a large building that houses all of the ongoing restoration projects and even has a full sized Piedmont Airliner in this building that they are working on.  This is a very interactive museum especially for the kids.  They even have a Thomas the train here as well.  On site train rides are given with history of the site while you ride.  They even have some longer trips scheduled in the warmer months that can take to Asheville NC and to Virginia.  I don't know all of the details of these trips but you can contact the museum for those who are interested.

2016-01-16-MSP-1452016-01-16-MSP-145Max Stansell Photography Photography wise its a great place to get detailed shots and people shots.  I had fun going around trying to get some good ones.  I used my Sony A6000 for this trip and got good results altho this was a trip that me and my wife took so I wasn't really concerned with the photography as much as I would have been by myself.  But enjoyable , we had a good time.  Take time to visit your local museums there are many kinds and good photography can be had but a good time most defiantly will.

Keep Shooting! 2016-01-16-MSP-1012016-01-16-MSP-101Max Stansell Photography 2016-01-16-MSP-0512016-01-16-MSP-051Max Stansell Photography 2016-01-16-MSP-1102016-01-16-MSP-110Max Stansell Photography


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