Big Changes in 2024! I've Cropped out the Crop.

January 05, 2024  •  1 Comment

Hey Everyone! Hope you have had a great week. Me it's been a crazy one so far. I can't believe what I have just done. I'll get to that in a minute. This week I've upgraded my main computer with a Mac Mini. I have been using the same main computer since 2015 so this was a big change for me. I'll get to all of the how the computer change and the migration of my computer in other blogs. But its been a big change. Life is nothing but change after change but when you quit changing its the beginning of the end. You know "Adapt and Overcome". Last year I retired so that was a big change and I'm still adjusting. But today I did something that I thought I would never do. I have packed up all my crop sensor camera's and lenses and shipped them off to MPB. Yep I have got rid of all my crop sensor stuff. If you have followed me you know I am a big advocate of the crop sensor and have been using it exclusively for many years after changing from my Full Frame DSLR Nikon. Well I'm going back. Not to Nikon but to Full Frame. Here is my reasoning. 

For the last couple of years I have been sporting two camera kits. One Crop sensor and one Full Frame. What this means is I have two sets of lenses , Bodies and all of the accessories. If I was using one or the other for a backup on a trip I would have to have two sets of lenses . Although I could have used full frame lenses on my crop sensor camera it makes it kind of out of balance. Full frame lenses being larger making the camera out of balance and front or lens heavy. So in my opinion if you're going to shoot crop sensor camera you should shoot crop sensor lenses also. So I have recently changed to using my Full Frame camera as my main camera and my crop would be my backup. Two kits. The full frame has sparked my photography Mojo again and I'm really starting to shoot more and have more fun with photography again. I have been watching YouTube videos (of course LOL) of this small full frame camera that Sony had put out years ago that has a cult following much like the Fujifilm 100V cameras have now. It's the Sony RX1 R.  It was released in 2013 and has a fixed 35mm lens. So I was thinking I should get one of these camera's but they are so popular they are going for almost 3000 dollars! For a 10 year old camera. And it's only a one fixed lens. Thats more than my Full Frame Sony I have now times 2. Then I started thinking about the Sony's A7C that came out a couple of years ago. It's a full frame camera in a crop sensor body it's virtually the same camera and sensor that I have now but in a crop sensor body. I like that. And it's a couple of years old which means I can get it used which makes it cheaper than the new A7CII that just came out. It's a full frame camera that is in the form of the crop sensor camera that I've been shooting for years with some upgrades. Not to mention that it's Full Frame.

So I have packaged up all of my crop sensor lenses and body and have shipped them off to MPB and trading for a A7C and a 50mm 2.5 compact lens. This "new to me" camera will be a backup camera and a street photography camera .  I can use all of my Full frame lenses and it will be a good backup for my Full frame I have now. It has the larger battery like my Full frame uses so I don't need to buy extra's. It has a full articulating screen which will be nice. The one I'm getting has the silver top to give it a retro look which I like also. Why not? The sensor is the same as my Sony A7III with an upgraded processor. This camera will be great for street and casual photography. So I am very pleased with my decision but it does leave a gap in lenses. I now don't have a long lens in my lineup. The longest I have is a 100mm. I don't use the long end much but will probably get a 70-200 with a 2X converter in the future to plug that gap. Or just rent one when I need it . So lots of changes for 2024. New Computer and New Camera Systems. Once I have the new camera in hand I'll write a review of it with all of the specs. 

So until next week get out and shoot! 


Chip Craig(non-registered)
Ha, ha, ha!!! On my recent trip to Utah in early Oct, I hauled all my Sony FF gear out there…what a pain. I also carried my Sony RX100vii (1” sensor) and my iPhone 14pro max. Upon my return, I discovered I could get quite good results from the iPhone and RX100 , especially after editing in LR. Therefore, I decided to go back to small and lightweight and started selling off all my Sony gear and using just my iPhone and RX100.

After a few weeks of trying that, I was miserable and found the massive constraints imposed by those 2 options. I still wanted to be lightweight. I debated between the a6700, a7Cii and a7CR. I knew if I went with the a6700, that at some point I would be wishing for a FF. So, I just ordered the a7CR which will arrive next week. I figured I could shoot in crop mode (26MB) or full frame (61MB). I will be testing out some small crop sensor lenses with it as well as looking at small, compact FF lenses. I kept my 35/1.8 and 85/1.8 since they are small and lightweight. For the telephoto end, I will be testing the the Sony 70-350 crop sensor lens which will be a 105-525 equivalent.

Hoping this will spark my mojo as well to get back into doing a lot more creative photography in 2024….something i have not done a lot of the past 3 years.
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