Shooting Full Frame Again. My Thoughts?

December 29, 2023  •  Leave a Comment

Hey Y'all! How are you doing this week? Me? I'm doing great! I have been shooting quite regularly after returning from my Fall Colors workshop. After returning I decided to make my Full frame camera my main camera instead of my crop sensor camera. The main reason was financial not really having the funds available right now to upgrade my crop sensor body. I traded some prime lenses that I wasn't using too much to purchase a mid-range zoom for my Full frame camera body making it more versatile instead of using primes all of the time. Now I love my crop sensor camera and will still be using it for longer focal length stuff and maybe street photography for the size and portability. But my full frame will be the main camera for now. Now I really haven't shot a full frame camera for a long time .  The Nikon D800 was really the last time I shot a lot with a full frame and I thought this week would be a good time to tell you my thoughts on using my Full Frame Sony A7III.

The main reason I switched to crop sensor cameras to start with was for the size. As you may know I do a lot of hiking and Backpacking and the size of a Full frame camera was just too much to lug around on a hike.  I started for the size but was surprised by the quality of the photo's I was getting. After deliberating long and hard I decided to switch from Full Frame Nikon DSLR to a Mirrorless Crop Sensor Sony and haven't looked back. I love my Sony camera's and lenses. The first thing that I noticed after I got my mid-range zoom for the full frame was the weight of the new set up. The full frame was considerably heaver . I mean a lot at first. I use a wrist strap with my cameras because the neck strap to me just gets in the way all of the time but the first time I put this combo together I almost changed my thinking. Holding this Full frame was a lot harder to do than the crop sensor. But after a while I got used to it and am still not using the Neck strap. But I may need to do some upper body workouts! LOL

Ergonomics. The other thing that is really different is the ergonomics of the Full frame Sony compared to the Crop sensor Sony. The Full frame Sony is designed much like older DSLR's that I was used in the past. The crop sensor Sony's are more of the Range Finder type camera design. The range finder design has the viewfinder off to one side instead of the middle like DSLRs. Where the buttons and dials are feel better on the Full frame to me than do the Crop sensor cameras. The larger size make it easier to hold to me even though it is much heaver.  The size of the viewfinder is much larger on the Full frame compared to the Crop sensor camera. Making using the viewfinder much easier for older eyes like I have. The resolution of the viewfinder is also better on the Full frame making it easier to see and compose.  I used the display on the Crop Sensor camera maybe 80-90%.  I tend to use it less on the Full Frame maybe 50%. I did change my over the shoulder bag for the Full Frame camera than I was using for my Crop sensor. The older bag which I love wasn't as deep as the bag that I'm using now and with the larger lenses the newer bag works better for the full frame. I say newer I've had this bag for years. One of the ones I bought and didn't use much. I did change the strap to a peak design strap like I did on my other bag that I love so much. But even though its a larger camera the bag seems smaller and hangs and works well. Its a LowePro Event Messenger 150.

Quality. The build of this camera is more robust than the crop sensor camera. It was produced to be an entry level pro camera and it feels like it.  The battery is much larger than the one is in the crop sensor and can last all day if you're just doing photography. Which I love! I don't have to worry about the battery. The sensor size is 24 megapixel just like my crop sensor camera is. Which is great for my computer storage. Also the Full frame sensor is much better in low light. Just physics. The larger sensor just has more surface area to collect light than a crop sensor does. I don't do a lot of low light photography but it will help. Dynamic range is also an area that the crop sensor traditionally looses to the Full frame. In newer camera's I don't think that this is as big a issue as with older camera's like mine. One of the reasons I wan to upgrade my Crop sensor. The full frame has dual card slots which is nice but not a necessity to me. But I can shoot one slot in JPEG and the other slot in RAW which is nice and I always have enough room on my disc's.

Lenses. I actually have a great assortment of lenses to use with the Full frame. I have some primes a 20mm, 50mm and 85mm and have two zooms a 16-35mm and 24-105mm. This is a great assortment of primes that I can use for portraits and wide aperture shooting. The 50mm is a macro lens also. My zooms are high quality zooms that I really love!  The 16-35 is perfect for those wide angel landscapes or for street photography. The 24-105mm is my main lens and the focal lengths that I shoot 95% of the time. I suspect that this lens will be on my lens most of the time. Now I won't have the focal range that I do with my crop sensor camera. The range with it is 15-525mm full frame equivalent with three great lenses. Anything long range I'll be shooting with the crop sensor camera.

I have only been shooting a couple of weeks full time with the Full frame and I really do like the photo's I'm getting out of it. Would I have got the same quality of photo's with the crop sensor? Probably, But I'm enjoying shooting with this new to me Full Frame camera .  I plan on shooting this camera for the next year and then decide if I want to upgrade my crop sensor or my Full frame. LOL What I really know is that I still love shooting and love tinkering with my equipment. Until next week , Get Outside! and Shoot! 


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