Shoot with Purpose!

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Mountain StreamMountain Stream Hey Everyone! Hope you're having a great day! This week I want to talk about how you shoot.  When you either go out on a photo walk or have a planned shoot of some kind whether it be a portrait shoot or a travel destination.  Remember when we first got into photography and we saved up for that camera that was going to do it all for us.  It was shiny and new and all of the pro's were using it and if I use it I will shoot like a pro?  Then remember going out and shooting everything.  Hey look a bird, snap, Hey look a tree, snap.  Hey look a pretty girl, snap.  Then you got home and put these photo's on your big screen and noticed that the photo's were just as bad as they were with your cheep camera.  There is a reason for that. You can buy the best hammer but that doesn't make you a great carpenter.  It just makes you a guy with a great hammer.  The difference between great photographers and us mere mortals is preparation.  These "professional" photographers all do one thing better than we do and that is shoot with a purpose.  When they leave the house they already know what type of photograph that they want to get what it will look like.  In their minds eye they know what the light is going to be where the sun in coming from.  They know what look they want from a Linville RiverLinville RiverLooking down from Chimney outlook. model.  They have done the research.  They have google mapped the area and looked at simular photo's of what they will shoot.  Or they have looked at thousands of photo's of models .  Or they have got direction from who they are working for on what they want.  They Shoot with Purpose!  Think about some of your best photo's you have taken.  If your like me they were after doing some research maybe looking or googling the place you are visiting.

20170107_Brownie Memories_013-Edit20170107_Brownie Memories_013-Edit The thing is you don't have to have the final photo in your minds eye either.  Lets say your going on a photo walk of a town that you have photographed before.  You know the area and in the back of your mind you already have the shot that you want to get.  While your on that quest you may even see something else that you like better.  And get a great shot.  But you still left the house with a purpose.  It could be something as small as only using one lens. Or trying out some new technique like focus stacking or shooting in brackets to merge into Dynamic Range Photo. Maybe the subject is your purpose.  Maybe your only going out to shoot barns, waterfalls or street portraits.  But your going with a purpose. I have shot the little town I live in maybe 50 or more times but I always find something new and interesting to shoot and its usually when I go out on some mission.  I'm trying out a new body or lens and I'm looking for interesting angles and views I don't usually see.  Maybe I go out t shoot long exposures at night and catch the tail lights of cars making interesting Fayetteville Station Bridge (Old)Fayetteville Station Bridge (Old)The old Bridge at New River Gorge National Park. patterns as I shoot.  But I always come home with something interesting. Not only will this improve your photography shots it will improve your skills as a photographer.  Shooting with purpose will make you more focused and take all of the confusion of everything around you and you can concentrate more on what ever purpose you have chosen to shoot that day.  When I go on workshops with my photography club I don't just blindly follow the crowd.  I usually have researched what photo's were taken at a particular spot or techniques we are using that day. If I am using new equipment like say a flash I get it out of the box before I get there and play with it learn how it works how it syncs to my camera, how to adjust it .  I do this all before I get to the workshop so I can concentrate on the workshop.  Say it was a one light portrait.  I don't have to fumble around with my equipment because I already know how to use and I can concentrate on the purpose. Creating a good portrait with one light.

Shooting with a purpose will separate you from the folks with a nice camera to a photographer who has a goal.  The photographer with a goal or Purpose will always have the better shot.  So until next week get outside and shoot! With a Purpose. LOL


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