How Things Change But One Thing Stays the Same

February 25, 2022  •  Leave a Comment

Price LandingPrice Landing Hey Everyone! Hope today finds you well and safe.  Today is another soap box day.  Just an old guy griping about days gone by.  I know, I know you've heard it before.  But here we go.  Things are much different now than they were for my Father or Grandfather.  We are overwhelmed with information.  We get it from our big screen TV's, Computers, Laptops, Tablets and phones.  Information coming from everywhere.  The news is not news anymore now it what you choose to listen or believe.  We pick our own news depending on how our beliefs are.  If your on the Right side of politics you watch Fox News if your on the Left of things you watch CNN.   And who knows what is in between. Life was much easier when you only had 3 channels to pick from and they all had the same stories. When Richard Nixon got in trouble everyone agreed.  It didn't matter what side of the isle you were on. But not now a days?  And don't worry I'm not going to get political.  I'm more worried about the system we have now not the _MSP2011_Luminar2018-edit_MSP2011_Luminar2018-edit politicians.  New papers and most magazines are gone.  The print news is a thing of the past. The internet has taken over most print things from books, to Newspapers.  Applications like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter shape the way we think.  Because we are still used to believing what we read or what we see in the news we think its real. And its not.  What we read on the internet and what we see on the news is formed and shaped by the Sponsors of the shows or the show's audience.  And don't get me wrong I am as addicted to screens and the internet as much as anyone.  My job keeps me in a laptop all day.  Right now I have six screens with in arms reach. There seems to be no time that I don't have a screen with me.  And of course the same story that my dad would talk about is how much things cost.  And Sunrise KayakSunrise Kayak of course the prices do go up and never come down.  That's just life.  Things are just expensive.  I could go on and on about things that I don't like but you get the idea.  But one thing has stayed the same from when I started playing around with camera's.

When I'm out and about taking photo's everything shuts off.  I get tunnel vision and all of my worries and things that were bothering me go away.  I just look for photo's and concentrate on what I'm doing and of course it has a screen on it. LOL  But when I'm doing a sunset and I get there just in time for blue hour and wait for the sun to come up I am so relaxed.  The same can be said for sunsets and waterfalls I just get wrapped up in the moment.  I don't think too much about settings just enough to get it right in camera.  I try out new techniques like focus stacking and that has me consumed.  That's why I love photography so much I get lost in it.  Of course I love the gear and I do have GAS. (Gear Acquisition Syndrome.)  But I love learning new things that might make my photography better.  Be it from a new noise removing app to a new version of Lightroom.  Photography excites me like no other hobby has.  I have had many and just should have stayed with photography.  I have done everything from Bass Fishing including having a Bass Boat. Skeet shooting to include reloading my own shotgun shells.  To playing golf where I had my handicap down to a 4 at one point.  But nothing gives Wine glass SplashWine glass Splash me the peace that photography has.  I have tried all sorts of photography from Wedding , Portraits , Street , Landscape, Astro, to Travel.  The ones I keep going back too are Landscape , Street, Travel. I do like to take portraits of my family and friends.  (Mainly because I can play with strobes) LOL  So when I'm out on a trail or by a waterfall I am in my own little world of photography.  If I'm walking down the street I'm looking for angles and shots that will be interesting.  I'm thinking about anything but screens, news and all of the injustices there are in the world because I'm in my little world. Even when I'm not doing photography I think about it but its nothing like doing it.  I have gone from old manual 35mm film cameras to the mirrorless age of photography and everything in between.  I have even dabbled in video. 

Well I'm going to jump off of my Soap Box and say how much I love to get lost in Photography. So until next week get outside and get lost too!


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