Buy New or Used?

November 12, 2021  •  Leave a Comment

Hey Everyone! I hope ya'll are doing well today.  This weeks topic is a big one for me.  New or Used? For most of us money is a rare commodity these days and dropping a load of cash on a new body or lens can be disheartening. Especially when most of us don't do photography for a living and only shoot part time.  I looked at my gear recently and notice that about half or more I bought used.  For example my main camera I bought used my wide angle zoom used.  So lets talk about what you get when you buy something new.  First you know that no one else has taken photo's with it.  You get the latest and greatest gismo's and technology. And some sort of warranty. In latter years it seems all of the advances is with quick focus , auto focus and video resolution.  Sure sensor resolution too but how many megapixels do you really need?  I mean really.  I remember when you could do all you wanted with 10.  Now its above 60.  The video part started when your camera could do 720,  then 1080, 4k, 5K.  And the frames per second.  But if your just a photographer like me does all that matter?  You need to ask yourself the questions.  First of all do you really need a new camera?  Or do you need a different or newer than you have?  When I bought the camera I have used I asked myself did I need to buy the latest and newest or would a used older model do?  And for me it was the latter.  I still got all of the things that I wanted at a very cheaper price and I got a lot of extras from the seller that he didn't need anymore.  I mean a lot!  I got a deal.  But even if I didn't get all of the extras it was still a deal.  The camera was almost like new.  I just did a shutter count on it and it was around 17000.  The shutter has been rated for 200,000.  So its practically new.  But what about you?  I say if you shoot a lot of video the latest and greatest might be for you and you should consider buying new.  But if you do photo only maybe used might be for you.  Of course if you have the budget to buy all new stuff I say go ahead and knock yourself out.  But if your like me Used sounds pretty good especially if its in good shape. Now I've been talking about camera bodies but what about lenses?  Lenses last forever if they are taken care of.  Glass Last!  Used is a good way to go also.  But if you prefer new used body will save you money so you can buy that new lens. I have bought a few used lenses and have not been disappointed.

How to buy used?  Well everyone knows how to buy new but what about buying used?  Is there a risk?  I think there is a risk when you buy anything used. Whether it be a car a boat or camera equipment.  There must be some faith in the seller if your a buyer.  I have purchased used items from friends (the best way) and you usually get a good deal.  They want to get rid of equipment and normally won't do you wrong.  But buying off of the internet can be a little scary.  Especially if your spending hundreds of dollars on something.  I have bought off of Ebay and Amazon and felt much better from Amazon than I did from Ebay.  Maybe because its such a big business and on Ebay your buying from one individual .  But I have been on the other side because I have sold on Ebay also and had a good experience.  But its all on good faith.  This week I'm trying something new.  I'm going to trade some lenses on a camera body though a company that specializes in buying, selling and trading camera equipment.  The company is called MPB.  Its an international company.  There is also another company that I'm going to try out KEH which does the same type of business as MPB.  I'm going to buy a used lens from them that will save me about 150 dollars on a lens that is suppose to be excellent +.  Each of the company's have a rating system that they use to rate the condition of the equipment.  So you could buy something that is rated "Like New"  maybe it was a demo in a store somewhere and hasn't been used by anyone.  We'll see how that goes I'm trading old lenses from MPB for a camera body that is rated "Like New"  and the lens I'm getting from KEH is Rated "Excellent +" (Update: Just got the Lens (KEH) and it is like new in the box! I'm very Pleased) I'm sure there will be a blog on the experience and how the company's did.  You can also buy used from B&H photo and video and from Adorama Camera. Also with MPB and KEH you get a 180 day warranty which really takes a load off of your shoulders.

So anyway there is more than one way to buy used equipment.  And I think its a great way to get equipment for your photographic needs.  Because really any camera made lately are great and you won't have any problems making great images with them.  So until next week get outside and shoot.


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