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RAW+JPEG! and why you should shoot this way

May 30, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

Elvis in WindowElvis in Window I only shoot in RAW because only amatures will shoot in JPEG.  Have you heard this or something simular to this?  I have and I probably have said it myself. Don't get me wrong I still think shooting RAW is the best way to shoot.  But whats wrong with a JPEG?  That's what you see when you look at your photo on the LCD screen of your camera.  And I bet that's what you see 99 % of the time on your computer and mobile device.  So why shouldn't we shoot in JPEG too?  How many times have you got home after a shoot and what you saw on the back of your camera is what you wanted in the first place and you had to spend time processing your RAW photo to get back to the JPEG rendering that was on the back of your camera?  I know I have.  We have very powerful cameras that we have paid a lot of money for.  The technology of these cameras are amazing! We have WiFi and all of these modes that we can shoot in but if your like me your shooting in RAW and spending time on the computer changing photo's to get them to look like whats on the back of your camera or changing them to B/W.  Why don't we let the camera do this for us? I listen to a lot of Podcast (a future blog) and I started hearing about shooting in RAW+JPEG. And there are some really good reasons to do so.  This weekend I shot in RAW + JPEG for the first time and I loved it!  Flag SailFlag Sail

Shooting in RAW+JPEG lets you use the power of your camera for processing your images.  First you shoot in RAW because all of the reasons that you've always heard about.  You can correct all of the mistakes better you can change the white balance on the fly you can do a lot of stuff with a RAW file that you just can't do with a JPEG. But at the end of the day how many photographs do you really do all of this heavy lifting of the shadows and really working the photograph?  The answer for me is not much.  This weekend I went out with my Photography Club and I took 300 photographs out of those 300 I really only had to work hard on one photograph to make it look the way I wanted. And I had the RAW file to do that with. When you shoot RAW what you download onto your computer isn't what you saw on the back of your camera.  So you spend time getting that RAW image to look like the JPEG that you saw.  Why not just use the JPEG?  If it looks the way you want it too out of camera? Why spend the time making the RAW look like your JPEG?  Just use the JPEG.

_MSP9038_MSP9038 I love black and white photography.  When I shot film that was what I shot most of the time.  Did you know you can set your camera up to shoot RAW + JPEG and then set your Camera Profile to shoot B/W.  You will now get the RAW file with all of the color and all of the info and a JPEG in B/W.  You will also see on the back of your camera the photo in B/W.  And I'm telling you the JPEG rendering is very good! Your Camera company have spent a lot of time and research money to make them look great!   The most work you'll have to do in post is crop. Depending on your camera you may have many modes, Portrait, Vivid , B/W, Sepia,Sunset and many more to play with. This will free you up your creativity because you know you always have that RAW file in the background if you need it.

Using WiFi and posting to social media.  Posting to social media is what I do with most of my photographs.  Camera's have been out with WiFi for quite a while but how many of us actually use them?  I must admit that I don't use often but using the JPEG file makes it easier because there is less processing that needs to be done and the file is smaller and easier to transfer via WiFi.  I did this this weekend (Memorial Day Weekend) I went to my local Veterans Cemetery and took some shots of the tombstones with the flags.  I sent the JPEG to my phone using WiFi sent it to "Snap Seed" to do a little crop and then sent to social media.  And it looked great!  I could have done with my iPhone but wouldn't have gotten the shot I wanted.

Would I do this for all types of Photography? No I wouldn't.  I wouldn't do this for Portrait photography.  Landscape? Maybe. Sports no I would shoot JPEG.  But Photography like Travel, urban, street are almost anything else I would. And I will.  To the next photo walk you do try RAW+JPEG and see what you get.  You'll be surprised. Have Fun and Keep Shooting!


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