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'Podcast' The Ones I Listen to

May 31, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

PodcastPodcast In my current "real job" I do about an hour or so commute everyday too and from work.  To occupy my time I have listened to the radio, audio books, iPod and all sorts of things to keep mind working on these two boring hours a day.  I'm kind of slow to learn new things and I have only found out and started listening to Podcast for about a year now.  I only listen to Photography related podcast and do have some favorites that I will share with you later.  Photography Podcast are a great way to learn new things , Photography news, tips and techniques, learn from more experienced seasoned photographers. So for these two hours a day I'm doing photography.  Maybe not taking photographs but getting inspired to take photo's or new gear or try a new technique.  So here are my favorites. Itunes podcastItunes podcast

1. The Digital Story Photography Podcast.  This Podcast is currently my favorite and has over 600 episodes that last about 30min each. Derrick Story a California based photographer/Author/workshop instructor covers a variety of different topics related to photography.  He also runs the Nimble Photography, and The Analog Story blogs.  He is truly a great story teller and a pleasure to listen to. He is into lightweight gear and shoots Micro 4/3's cameras.  He is the one that got me back into film photography again.

2. The Landscape Photography Podcast.  This Podcast is about Landscape photography and is hosted by Nick Page a Washington State based photographer.  A young photographer that has become pretty famous in a short time.  He also has a YouTube channel where he will take you with him on his trips around the west coast and abroad on workshops shooting landscapes.  His podcast are very informative and funny at times.  He does interviews with famous Landscape photographers.  His photo editing tips and tricks with luminosity masks have helped me a lot.

3. Tripod.  If you like Nick Page you will like this older Podcast.  This podcast was done by Nick before he got his own show and it is much like the Landscape photographer podcast.

4.  Recompose Photography Podcast.  This is hosted by Juan Pons and Andy Williams two very seasoned and famous Landscape and wildlife Photographers.  Based out of the North Eastern US they Conduct workshops all over the world.  They formally ran the Alpha Mirrorless Podcast for the TWIP (This Week in Photo) network which is also a great podcast .  They go over tips and tricks and gear.  Super Podcast.

5. Photo Taco Podcast.  Hosted by Jeff Harman a California based photographer/instructor.  This podcast covers a variety of subjects from backing up you photo's to Astro photography. Very informative. This is apart of the Master Photography Team.

So these were my top 5 Podcast shows and here is a list of good shows also that you may like. logopodcastlogopodcast

1. Master Photography Podcast.  This podcast has different topics from travel photography, Portraits, landscape , street photography and the business side of photography.

2.  Photography Tips from the Top Floor.  This is a Podcast that originates from Europe and is very good and almost made my top 5.

3.  The Candid Frame.  This Podcast centers around interviews with Famous and up comming photographers.  This podcast has been around for years and is very interesting.

4.  This Week In Photo  Another well established Podcast with over 500 episodes. 

5. Picture This! This is a podcast by Chelsea and Tony Northrup.  Both Photographers and instructors and very Big on YouTube.  They usually have a different perspective of topics and are very funny.

These are but 10 podcast to listen to.  There are a lot more but these are my current favorites.  Podcast are good to listen to while your doing house work or yard work or even editing photo's.  They are a good source of info and keeps your head in the Photography game.  So try them and keep on shooting!


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