Spring "Low Country" Photo Workshop

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Hey Ya'll! Hope everyone had a great week! I sure did I went on a workshop to the Low Country of Georgia and South Carolina. The camera club that I have been a member for over a decade decided this year to take a trip in the spring. Usually we only do a Fall Colors trip in the Mountains somewhere but this year we did a spring trip. We had one planned in 2020 but COVID put a stop to it. Our fall trip is a week long trip but we wanted our spring trip to be shorter to give people who can't take a whole week off to go to the mountains a chance to go on a trip with us. Our trip was to start on a Wednesday and come home on a Sunday. Last year we took a scouting trip to help plan our trip for this years workshop. Afterwards we (Mike, Robert and myself) had many meetings and came up with an itinerary for the trip. We had settled on two days in Savannah Ga. and two days in Beaufort SC. Caitlin our club's president secured our lodging at both places and as always she did a great job. So then there was just the countdown to the day the trip began. We had 10 people attend and one of them was a former member that had moved away to Tampa Fla. and he drove up to meet us in Savannah. So here goes a day by day of our workshop.

Day 1.  The day was a travel day mostly. We wanted to get there as quick as we could to be some rain that was in the forecast for the next day. We arrived early enough to park our cars at our first rental. (we were too early to check in) Our Florida compadre met us just as we were getting ready to head out. Our house was just a couple of blocks away from the famous Forsyth Park and fountain there. So that's where we headed first. We tried to get as much in as we could walking the streets of Savannah because we knew that rain was on the way the next day.  We wondered down from Forsyth park towards the waterfront stopping along the way for drinks and to take photo's.  When we finally got to the waterfront we found a place for supper. We had a nice supper and explored the waterfront area. We then started the way back to Forsyth Park to get a nighttime shot of the fountain. We did so and headed back to the house. We did a lot of walking and some folks took an Uber from the waterfront back to the house instead of walking the 10 or so blocks. It was a good full day!

Day 2. The weather dictated most of this day. Thunder and heavy rain early in the morning. When the rain slacked up a bit we headed out to Tybee Island to maybe get a shot of a lighthouse or two but the rain was too heavy so we just got something to eat at a local restaurant and headed back to the house. By early afternoon the weather had gotten better but our President had gotten a touch of food poisoning and was really out of commission for the rest of the day and most of the next. Some of us went to the Tybee Island Lighthouse and to Pulaski National Monument to take some photo's of the light houses. It was very windy but we managed to get a couple of shots. We decided to have Pizza delivered that night to the house instead of going out to eat. The rains didn't ruin our time in Savannah but it did seem to cut it short.

Day 3. The first thing on our agenda was a sunrise at Tybee Island pier. We loaded up very early with all of our stuff because we were going to Beaufort SC and checking out of the Savannah house. We had a nice shoot at the pier and had another hearty breakfast.  Then off to the Beaufort area. We were too early to check in and our house was at a gated community just outside of Beaufort.  Our first stop was to get some photos of Shrimp boats which we did then we went to Port Royal Cypress Wetlands. This was a fantastic spot to shoot wild birds, alligators, snakes and other wild life.  We spent quite a while there walking the boardwalks and taking in all the sights and sounds. We then walked to a local place and had lunch that was quite good. Our president stomach was starting to get better. We stopped at a ruin of an African American church and took some photo's and then went to Hunting Island State Park to scout out the next mornings shoot. We had planned to go to a seafood restaurant that evening but we needed reservations and had called too late for the day so we made reservations for the next day. We then went to a place that was near our next shoot which was Sheldon Ruin Church to do some light painting. We stopped by the house to drop off our luggage and then headed out . We went to the restaurant under much hype of the menu of Steak and Potatoes. We got there and there was no steak and patatoes but the menu was Wings and things. It still was a great dinner and we went to the church to do some light painting which worked out great. Then it was back to the house to get some shut eye and up early for another shoot.

Day 4. Up early! We headed out to Hunting Island State Park to shoot the driftwood trees with the sunset. We got there and it was dark and we headed out down a short trail to get to the beach . It was in a different place than the scouting trip and it was fabulous!  There were many trees there and we got there about an hour before the sun peeked its eyes out so we got really good shots. After we exhausted the shots there we went to the lighthouse there at the state park and the "No See Ums" were out! Got a few shots of the Lighthouse and it was off to Beaufort to eat breakfast. The restaurant was packed and we are a group of ten so it's hard to seat us and we waited quite a while for seats. We finally got in and had a great breakfast or brunch it was so late. By then everyone was done and wanted to go back to the house. So we didn't shoot the town of Beaufort as much as I wanted but  folks were tired. We had reservations at a very cool restaurant that evening and had a great meal of seafood. When we got back to the house we were going to do some light painting. We were going to use sparklers and lights out on the beach. We got to the beach and the "no see ums" were terrible swarming. They died down a little later but were bad at first. We tried to light the sparklers but they were duds and couldn't get them lit. We dished that idea and worked with some colored lights that we had brought and got some good shots.

Day 5. Day 5 was packing up and heading to Magnolia Plantation before going home. We went to the plantation and it was nice. We took a train ride and walked through the gardens and saw the plantation grounds. It was a nice place to visit. Then we all headed home.

All in all it was a great trip and I got some good photo's. I always look forward to the clubs trips and workshops and can't wait until the fall trip.  Until next week Get Out and Shoot!


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