Get ready for Fall Colors!

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Max Stansell Photography Hey Y'all! Hope you're having a great week!  Me ? Great! It's the last week of August.  That means its hot sticky but it also means that Fall is just around the corner! This is my favorite time of the year to do photography. I love the fall colors and the cooler temperatures.  And while I'm sitting in my house in shorts with the Air Conditioner on I'm already thinking of shooting in the fall. This year for me should even be better now that I'm retired and don't have work to keep me from getting out and shooting Autumn and all of its glory. So how do you get ready for Fall Colors? 

Preparing for fall colors is the key. Its more mental than gear related. Planning where fall foliage will be the _MSP2491_MSP2491Max Stansell Photography best .  My camera club does a Fall Colors trip each year which is usually a week long trip to the mountains to witness the fall colors. Sometimes we get great colors and sometimes not so much. Its hard to tell when the leaves are going to change. There are prediction maps that will show what they think the leaves will do in certain areas of the country and I guess it's a real science to figure out when and where the leaves are really going to Pop each year is different depending on weather of the summer before and the temps.  Even the elevation matters.  All you can do is research all you can and plan Fall Colors HouseFall Colors House with the best info you can get and hope for the best when you're taking long trips to see leaves.  In your local area scout out places nearby that have lots of leaves. I live in the south and there are lots of pine trees which do nothing in the fall you have to really look more leafy trees which in my case its go west. Softer leafy trees turn first like maple, apple, fruit trees. Then the Harder trees like oak turn later.  Sometimes in the south the just turn brown and fall with no color. Thats mostly what happens near my house but just a few hours drive away there are lots of colors to be had. Just plan and LeafLeaf hunt for the colors. 

Fall colors aren't just in the leaves of the trees but in decorations and festivals that happen this time of the year. I love me some fall colored decorations. With dried corn stalks and Pumpkins! I love me some pumpkins and of course orange is my favorite color. Fall is also in the clothing that is warn when the temps get cooler the sweaters come out with all of the colors of fall. Shooting festivals is one of my favorite Maple LeavesMaple Leaves things to do with lots of people watching and colorful decorations. When I think of fall I think Football, Pumpkins, Thanksgiving, Halloween and all of the colors that go with it. You can look up on the internet when festivals happen where you live and visit them with camera in hand and shoot ,shoot, shoot!  Did I mention Octoberfest? There are many beer enthusiasts that love this and they are always colorful.

So while you're in your house avoiding the heat of the dog day's of summer start planning your fall _DSC8464_DSC8464 trip/shooting season. My camera club has already started on our weekly itinerary on our fall colors trip. As you can see I'm a fanatic for fall colors. Especially Pumpkins! LOL As you can see I really didn't talk about gear because I think fall colors is more of a vibe than what gear you use. So until next week get out and shoot! Pumpkins! Pumpkins! Pumpkins! LOL


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