Camera Kits. Do you have more than one?

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Hey Everyone! Hope you're having a great week.  This week I'll be talking about a first world problem. I have noticed that I have more than one camera kit. I know, I know I have a gear problem. Most people have only one camera and a few lenses and that is normal . But me ?  I'm not as normal as most folks. I have many cameras and kits that I use quite a lot for different stuff. You may have  more kits than you realize if you use your phone for photography. Now is just one kit Okay? It's more than Okay, it's normal. Let me go through my kits and explain why I have separate ones. Being abnormal.

Film Kit- This is my oldest kit. Some are camera's I bought new and others I bought as antiques but they all work and I have used all of them at least once. My main camera in this group is a Pentax MX that I bought in 1982. My first SLR type of camera was a Pentax K1000 that I sold and the MX replaced it. I have various lenses to go with this camera but I really only use it once in a while. I have about 20 rolls of film that I can use. I also have a Canon/Bell  Canonet a 1961 era camera that I shoot and it still works well. I did have to replace the light seals in it but it works great and is very retro. My oldest camera is a Kodak box camera that goes back to 1920's. This kit is only used when I really want to spark up my photography mojo.

EDC (Every Day Carry) Kit- If you follow this blog you have heard me talk about this kit quite a bit. This is the camera Kit that I have with me everywhere I go. The grocery store, Barber shop, Walmart almost everywhere I have this kit. I also have it with me when I go hiking or backpacking. And especially when I take trips with my wife this is the one I use to take photos. It's a Canon G7XMII Point and shoot camera. It can do everything my big camera's do but in a very small package. It works great for street photography because its so small and un intimidating .  I have filters for it like a polarizer and ND filter that can attach to the front of the 24-100 f1.8-2.8 lens. Your EDC might be your phone but I like a dedicated camera that has a larger sensor that I can shoot in Manual or Aperture or Shutter Priority just like my big camera's. I would suggest this type of camera for a first camera for anyone interested in Photography.

Landscape and Wildlife Kit- This is what I would call my main kit. I am basically a Landscape and travel photographer but this is the kit I use for my Landscape work. This used to be the camera that I used for everything from portraits to product or tabletop photography but now its just used mainly for Landscapes. Why you ask. Well it's a great camera and I have fantastic lenses for it. It is my most dialed in kit. It is a crop sensor Sony A6500. Its a older camera and I may upgrade the body. But it still takes great photo's. Just about all the landscapes you see on my website were taken with this  camera. I use the crop sensor camera for this for a couple of reasons. One is size if I have to hike a mile or so to get to a water fall I would much rather carry a small camera kit than a larger one. The other reason is that with a crop sensor camera you get more depth of field something you want in landscape. For most people that are not professional photographers I would recommend a crop sensor camera over a full frame camera. The size and price are reason enough and you can't tell the difference  in photo quality as far as I can tell. That being said my next kit is a full frame kit. LOL

My Everything Else Kit- This is my newest kit. I use it for Portraits , Street, Tabletop almost everything beside Landscape and Wildlife. The main reason is ergonomics. I love the way this camera fits in my hand and all of the dials and buttons just fit for me. The camera is a Full Frame Sony A7III. Nothing fancy it's a older camera now that I bought used. I use mostly primes on this camera although I just got a Kit lens for it that is a zoom. This bag that I use for this camera is the bag that I call the purse. Its an over the shoulder bag and I usually have a lens or two in it to change out. Right now this is my fun camera to shoot. 

I'm sure this sounds excessive and maybe a little.  And I know it sounds expensive but all of this kit was bought over many years and most of it was bought used cutting the cost. And it just kind of evolved it wasn't planned at all. I got the EDC for a trip to Washington DC with my wife and I didn't want to bring all of my kit.  It worked great and it became my EDC camera going to with me to work and everywhere else. My film cameras I have had for decades. My Landscape and Wildlife camera was my main camera for years until I got my everything else camera that I traded in a lot of things to get this camera. I already had lenses for this camera. So it just kind of evolved. Well that's enough about this silly first world problem or maybe not a problem. Until Next week Get out and Shoot!


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