Photography Should be Fun!

December 01, 2023  •  Leave a Comment

Hey Y'all! Hope you're having a great day. Me Fantastic! Its a rainy day here so I thought I would sit down and talk a little bit to y'all about my favorite subject , Photography. If you follow my blogs I talk about lots of different area's of photography. And there are plenty. You can really get deep in the weeds talking photography. We can be talking about something technical or some new gadget or software that just came out but what we really don't talk about is how to have fun in photography.  We get caught up in the "how to" of it all. Which is great but I think we just go a little overboard with whatever we are exploring at the time whether its technical or artsy.  I am guilty of this as much as anyone else and maybe more.  Being a photographer is much more than knowing how to use your camera (the technical aspect) or the Artsy side of it with composition ,lighting and all of the things that come with that. It should be fun also! My photo wingman (Robert) and myself have taken many adventures and we have a blast going out and shooting but we approach the shooting part different. Robert is a big reader of photography books and articles and when he goes out shooting he has a purpose. Maybe its showing motion , or a certain lighting aspect and that's what he looks for. Me I do less preparing and just go and shoot. I shoot everything from the fly on the wall to  really thinking about a shot. Is his way wrong? No I don't think so and I think that I used to shoot like Robert does also. But I don't anymore. I've been shooting much longer than he has and maybe it's something we have to go through. We (me and Robert) some times have a discussion on a certain photo that I may have taken. And he'll say something like "oh I love the way you positioned that in your subject or I love the layers of this or this angle I never thought of that ",  and he'll ask what I was thinking or how I thought of it. And I haven't . I haven't thought of any of it. I just shoot because to me shooting is most of the fun in photography. If you look at my photo's from a shoot you will see how many different things I look at and shoot and they mostly don't have a rhyme or reason to them. Its more of a "Squirrel" affect. I just see and shoot. I could be shooting a landscape and a fly lands on my leg and I shoot the fly. If I'm in a city and I walk by what I think is a silly sign I shoot and try not to think.  And that's fun. If you know me thinking is not my strong point! LOL 

The pure act of shooting and having fun gets lost sometimes because photography is technical (not as much as it used to be) for the most part and you have to get past that.  Photography should be just fun to do. Thats why we started in the first place. Because it was fun. Not because it was technical. It can be fun just shooting by yourself but its more fun in a group. Maybe you have a photography wingman like I do or maybe you are part of a photography club.  Shooting with like minded people is great and you just have a ball. My photography club is getting ready to go on our annual fall colors trip to the North Carolina mountains and we just had a meeting about things we want to see and do while there. Not once did we talk about anything technical except where the sun might be coming up at at a certain place. We talked about the things we would be seeing and shooting and the smiles kept getting bigger and bigger the more we talked and planned. It was fun and photography should be fun. I just want you to remember why you started photography in the first place . Because it was fun! Not because you wanted to shoot weddings or sports or senior portraits. Because it was fun! So learn all of the technical stuff but don't forget to have fun!

To me having fun with my camera is the best! My camera has taken me to places that I may never have gone before! I have heard it said that the camera is the passport to the world and I believe it. But don't take it too seriously it should be FUN! It doesn't matter what kind of photography or how technical you are with it , it should be fun to shoot and not laborious or too technical. Remember its not just about the Keepers from a photoshoot but the whole shoot. The Keepers will come just keep shooting! Remember Keepers don't have be be works of art they could be the photo's that you post to Facebook or Instagram. Memories and fun are what your shooting for! So until next week get outside and shoot and have some fun!


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