What are my Favorite Photography YouTube Channels?

October 20, 2023  •  Leave a Comment

Hey Everyone! Hope you have had a great week! I have been on a blog writing blitz this week making many blogs for future publication. It comes in waves (the writing that is) and I just take advantage of rainy days to get and stay ahead .  One of my favorite things to do to pass the time is watch YouTube.  It is probably where I get most of my on screen content from.  I do watch some TV but mostly News and the Golf Channel LOL. And of course Netflix and Amazon Prime. But most of my on time screen watching is YouTube. I am a visual person and love to watch and learn how to do stuff on YouTube. You can learn how to take photo's to how to change brake pads on your car. It is a great platform to enjoy and watch and learn. This weeks blog is my Favorite photography YouTube channels. Now there are Thousands and Thousands of Channels on YouTube about photography and I know I haven't even come close to seeing all of them but here are a few of my favorites in no  Spring Fall FallsSpring Fall Falls particular order. It depends on my mood and what I'm interested in shooting at the time.

James Popsy- His channel is based in the UK and he does mostly Landscapes but does go into street every now and then. He is funny and informative on his channel and answers questions like is JPEGs any good anymore? He of course tries out different camera's and accessories. To me its not so much the content but he is a joy to listen to .

Bull ElkBull ElkThis Bull Elk was at Cherokee North Carolina. Tony and Chelsea Northrup- This husband and wife couple give reviews of camera gear and go over different aspects of photography. They have the most popular printed photo photography lesson book in the world that is constantly being updated with video's incorporated into the printed book. They started out in stock photography and do portraits and Wildlife a little of everything. They even have a podcast that I listen to that is very enjoyable. They have loads of content on YouTube.

Mark Denny- Mark Denny is a local North Carolina guy that quit corporate America to be a full time Raven's Roost Va.Raven's Roost Va. Landscape photographer/Instructor. He has great tutorials on Lightroom and his in the field work is great to watch and he goes into great detail. He has become one of the ones I really like to watch and learn from.

Thomas Heaton- Thomas Heaton is a Landscape photographer based out of the UK and has an enormous following of landscape photographers. He has worked as a Studio Assistant before going out on his own. He combines camping or RVing from his Van into his Photography. He teams up with well known photographers here in the US on great road trips. Lots of content on his channel and well worth the watch.

Road to the TempleRoad to the TempleGoblin Valley State Park Utah Nick Page- A former golf Greens Keeper turned photographer . Is a self taught landscape photographer that runs workshops and has fantastic photo's. He takes you through the shoot and the post processing of his great landscapes. He also loves to shoot storms with lightning which looks cool but may be a little to dangerous for me. He is based out of the Pacific Northwest of the US.

Adorama TV- This is a great channel with loads of reviews of equipment but also instruction and how to with famous photographers/instructors like Mark Wallace, PamPam Gaven Hoey, Lindsey Atler and On Set with Daniel Norton. And many more. You can watch a live stream event where the photographer takes you through a whole photoshoot from start to finish explaining everything as they go. A great channel with lots of content to watch.

Pierre T Lambert- A street photographer that travels the world taking photo's and brings you along for the shoot. During the recent (in the last couple of years) race riots in Chicago he was there shooting the whole thing and it was very interesting to watch. There are loads of street photographers to follow and watch on YouTube he was just one that popped up in my mind first.

To find any of these folks just bring up YouTube and put their name in the search block and it will show many videos of these people. Subscribe to them and you will always have their latest and greatest videos and it doesn't cost a penny just your time which you would be wasting watching the Big Bang Theory or something similar . So learn something. Until next week check theses out and let me know what your favorite channels are and Get out and Shoot!


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