Photography an Excuse to Get in Shape!

May 20, 2022  •  Leave a Comment

Hey Everyone! I hope everyone is having a great day.  This weeks topic is kind of strange.  How can photography be an excuse to get in shape? I am the last person in the world to be telling folks about getting in shape.  As I get ready to turn 60 it is becoming a very important part of my thinking. Sixty was always the number I used to think of as old. Now that I'm getting ready to be"old" my health is very important to me. If your like me I work in a very sedentary job where I'm in a chair most of the day and to top that off I'm having to commute an hour to and hour and a half ride one way to work.  So that's another 3 hours a day I'm sitting on my butt. I do try to go out on hikes and walks during breaks at work but sometimes that's just not possible.  Now what does photography have to do with all of this?  I'm a firm believer that if your in good shape you will _MSP1594_MSP1594 be a better photographer.  Here goes some reasons why.

1. Being physically fit will help you cary and get your equipment to and fro. If your out of shape and you need to hike to that waterfall that is a mile away and when you get there you are so tired you can't think straight you won't take good photo's.  And that goes with any type of photography that you have to move to get too. 

2. Being Physically fit will also make your mental health better.  Which in turn will make your photography even better.  Being able to think out problems will make your photography easier letting you concentrate on your subject.

IMG_1558IMG_1558 3. Being in good shape will help your stamina and keep you shooting longer.  Better stamina means that when the others are getting tired and have to stop to rest you can keep going and get the shot that hey missed because they were sitting on the nearest bench catching their breath.

4, Being in good shape will let you get shots that others don't.  It will put you in places that your out of shape counterparts can't get too.  Whether its hiking that extra mile to get to that great shot or walking that extra block while doing street photography.

5. Being in good shape means you'll probably live longer.  Which means you'll get to shoot photography longer.

By using photography as an excuse hopefully it will motivate you into getting off of your butt and doing some exercise.  I'm trying to use it for me to get in shape.  I am not the person that you would think would be talking about this subject. But I have seen both sides of the coin.  I have been Creek CrossingCreek CrossingMax Stansell Photography in good shape and gone places my more out of shape photo buddies couldn't get too.  But now I'm one of the out of shape ones and I can really tell the difference.  The last big photo trip I took with my club I was trying to get to a spot that by the time I got there I was so sweaty and out of shape I was huffing a puffing and didn't get the shot that I thought I should have been.  So I have been slowly trying to eat right and trying not to be so sedentary so I can get in better shape and live and photograph more.

So until next week get off of your butt and get outside and take some great photo's.


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