My Big Trip of the Year

April 21, 2022  •  Leave a Comment

Screenshot Hey Everyone! Hope you had a great week.  This weeks blog is about my big trip this year. I have been hinting around it but really haven’t explained it .  This will be my biggest photo adventure to date. My friend and fellow “photo nut” Robert have been planning this trip for quite a while.  And next week we will be on our way. This years big trip will be out west on a 1000 mile road trip through Utah.  This road trip will start in Las Vegas NV and end in Albuquerque NM.   We will visit 6 national parks and at least 3 state parks and some more area’s of interest. It will be a whirlwind of a trip and I might need a vacation after this one. It will be photography and seeing new things all day every day.  It will be Go! Go! Go!.  We have made an extensive itinerary which I know we won’t be able to follow .  We will have to be flexible and do things on the fly but its a good start. We have bought tickets , rented a car and have hotel rooms all payed for .  We have had to get permits for hiking  and driving in the parks.  We have done loads and loads of research.  But hopefully we have done enough.  My photo nut buddy has been on big trips like this before but for me this is something big.  I have gone on week long photography trips with my photography club but I usually wasn’t planning them out. Let me give you a small outline of our trip.

Places we’ll visit-  We will visit 6 national parks.  The Mighty 5 in Utah and one in Colorado.  The Mighty 5 in Utah are Zion, Bryce Canyon, Capital Reef, Arches and Canyon Lands.  You could easily spend a week in each of these parks and still would not have seen them all.  We will have about a day in each of them so we will be skimming the top of what is there.  We are trying to get a sunrise or sunset in each of them and a hike or two in each and hopefully some great photo’s. We have a big hike scheduled in Zion, In Bryce we will have a sunset an sunrise I believe and a hike through the hoodoo’s. We are doing a scenic drive through Capital Reef and stopping for Pie. In Arches we are of course shooting arches and hopefully good sunset and sunrise.  In Canyon Lands there is of course Mesa Arch and surrounding area.  The other park we’ll visit is Mesa Verde in Colorado. It has the Indian dugout houses in the side of the cliffs which should be really cool to see. The other places that we have planned are the Valley of Fire State Park in Nevada which looks really cool with great landscapes and Goblin State park in Utah and Dead Horse State park in Utah and Sandia Peak in New Mexico which we are taking a tram up to.  We will also check out some cool towns while there .  Moab Utah is an outdoor  sports Mecca for all kinds of sports from rock climbing to mountain biking.  This town will be real interesting and doing some street photography will be fun.  Taos New Mexico will have the Spanish style houses and buildings which will make for some interesting photography.  

After we get back from the trip I’ll write another blog to give you an after action report. And of course show you some photo's.  I’m hoping I'll have enough photographs to be able to make a photo book out of them like I do at the end of the year.  We will also be doing shooting video as well and I'm sure an epic video is in the works.  Maybe many. Well until  next week be safe and get out and shoot.


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