Using Camera's as Tools

December 17, 2021  •  Leave a Comment

Hey Everyone! I hope this week finds you healthy and excited about photography! This and every week I give you my thoughts on photography and the different aspects of it as I see it .  This week will be no different. If you have followed my blogs you have heard me say that photographers get emotional about the equipment they use.  And that is understandable we spend a lot of money and time and effort in the purchase of this equipment. Then we take it to some of our most  memorable places.  So I can see the connect to emotion.  So we try to use one camera for every situation because we just love our camera's.  But I have  approach.  I think of them as tools and try to match the best camera to the specific job its going to do.  I actually have 4 camera systems to do this with .  I know it sounds crazy but just hear me out.

My with me all the time camera. Of course we all have this its my smart phone.  I use the camera on this _MSP9570_MSP9570 mostly for reference photo's.  Maybe I'm out shopping for my wife and I need to know if I'm buying the right thing I'll take a photo of it and send it to her " is this the right thing?". Or maybe I'm working on something and I need the model number instead of writing it down I'll just take a photo of it.  We've all done this.  On occasion I'll take a photo of where I am just so I can share it easily to the web.  But thats pretty much the extent of my first camera the smart phone.

My second season is the camera that goes with me.  When I go to work this camera is in my truck. It travels everywhere I go and it also goes with me when I'm out with my wife and I don't want the camera to be a distraction.  For example my wife and I went to Washington DC a couple of years ago and this is the camera that I took with me.  It is a point and shoot and has a 1 inch sensor much better than a smart phone.  I even have filters that I can put on the lens to polarize it or do a longer exposure.  It can shoot in manual and raw.  Its a Canon G7XII.  Its a great little point and shoot.  It takes great photo's and is easy to use and small. It has a 20MP 1inch  sensor.

My next camera is my newest one. It is used for street, portrait photography.  Things that a shallow depth of field my come in handy.  It is a full frame sensor.  It is a older camera that I bought used but is great for photography.  Its the Sony A7II full frame.  I plan and have been using only primes on this camera to keep the weight and size down.  It does great in low light and a shallow depth of field which works great for street and portrait work where everything in focus can be distracting. This camera is mostly handheld and it has a stabilized sensor that works great. I'm really having a good time with this camera and its working great. It has a 24mp full frame sensor.

My main Camera.  This is the camera that I shoot almost everything else with from Landscape , wildlife to travel photography.  It is a crop sensor camera that has a larger depth of field which is great for landscape photography.  I have three great zoom lenses that I use with this camera  that give me a range from 15mm to 525mm.  It shoots at 11 frames per second and has a image stabilized sensor.  This is what I call my main camera because I use it most of the time.  Its the Sony A6500 crop sensor Camera . I have had this type of camera from when I went mirrorless and love the form factor .  Its small and the lenses are small compared to their big brother the full frame sensor cameras and for landscape and travel they are great!

So there are my 4 cameras (tools) that I use for different jobs. Smart Phone I use for reference type of photo's. My Point and shoot I use when I'm on the go at work and when I don't want photography to be a distraction to our trip.   My full frame camera is my street and portrait camera because of the shallow depth of field it works great and the combo of prime lenses makes this a great kit and fun to use.  My main camera for all of my Landscape, wildlife and travel is my crop sensor camera and its large depth of field makes this work great.  The right tool for the specific job really works for me.  Might not work for you but for me its great. So until next week take lots of photo's with the right camera!     


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