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Lightroom Catalog Management on Laptops

December 16, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Hey everyone! Hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving holiday and ate lots of Turkey!  I know I did.  This Blog is how I plan to manage my Lightroom catalog on my laptops for next year.  File management is a ongoing process for me and I change it every so often.  This year I'll be adding a small travel laptop to the mix.  Currently I have my iMac with a 27inch monitor that I love.  I also have a 15 inch Macbook pro that I have had for years and have upgraded the Memory and Hard drive to an SSD and I just love it!  But its a little on the heavy side and I want a small laptop or 2 in 1 computer to take with me when I travel. _DSC4702_DSC4702  Whether its camping in my Teardrop trailer or on photo workshops with my photography club.  The last couple of years I have kept a separate lightroom catalog on my laptop and my all photo's catalog on my iMac separate and Merged them at the end of the year its not too hard to do and it seems to work out ok.  But if I add another computer to the mix what then?  Do I work with three lightroom catalogs?  And when I have my photo's on a laptop catalog its can be difficult to look at them on my iMac if I haven't transferred them to it.  So here is the solution that I plan to try this year.  Im going to purchase a SSD external hard drive for faster operating speed. Im going to create a Lightroom catalog and put the catalog and everything on the SSD drive.  Then no matter what computer I'm using I can bring up the catalog on the SSD drive and edit my photo's on the iMac, MacBook Pro or my travel computer.  

_DSC4701_DSC4701 I haven't purchased my travel computer yet but I have a few requirements that I'm looking for.  First it should be small and portable 11-12 inch screen. It has to have the ports so I can backup photos to an external drive.  I want it to have an Solid State Drive (SSD) for optimum speed.  And as much ram that I can get at a low price (maybe 8gb)  And it must be cheep in the 300ish range.  That way if I break it loose it or it is stolen I'm not heart broken like I would be with my Macbook Pro.  I don't plan on storing anything on it so the hard drive doesn't need to be large 128gb will be fine. I really don't plan on doing a lot of editing but I want it to be capable of running Lightroom Classic so I can cull out bad photo's and maybe edit one or two photo's now and then.  Other than that it will be a web browsing email looking at computer.  Now with the price range I just gave you can figure out that my travel laptop will not be a Apple product.  I would love for it to be but I want my travel computer to be cheap.  So it will be a Windows operating system so I will have to format my drive so it will work with Windows and Mac products so I can pass the information between the two operating systems.  I currently use Adobe Creative Cloud for  Photographers which is a 10 dollar a month subscription for both Lightroom and Photoshop and you can only run 2 computers on the subscription at a time so I'll have to sign out of one of my devices and sign on to my travel Laptop for this to work.  From what I have read this should be possible Adobe even gives you instruction on how to do so.


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