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Product Review "Yongnuo 568EX Speedlight"

February 19, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

41zl9yX4ltL41zl9yX4ltL Hey Everyone!  I just got booked to do a small intimate wedding for one of my daughters co-workers and friends so I had to take a look at my gear that I'll need for the event.  As many of you might know I am a gear hound and I have had GAS (gear acquisition  syndrome ).  I have lots of gear and almost everything I'll need for the wedding and love shooting in manual with manual strobes or studio lights for many reasons.  This is what I'll use for the portraits.  For on the fly lighting I'll need to be shooting TTL lighting just for the ease and flexibility on the fly shooting that will be happening at the reception.  This is a totally inside event and it will be at night.  I have a couple of Nikon TTL flashes but they are smaller ones and I fear this venue has tall ceiling and I'll need something with more punch!   _MSP6505_MSP6505 So I needed a larger TTL flash.  Well the Nikon ones cost up to 500 dollars and I'm not going to do that!  I could borrow one but I really don't like to borrow unless I really have to.  (I will be borrowing a Nikon D800 body for my second camera) So I started looking at 3rd party flashes.  I went to the Yongnuo brand because I have some experience with the brand.  I have used and will use in the wedding some manual 560II flashes that I have gotten from them and they worked great and were cheap!  I purchased a TTL 568 EX and have been very pleased with it so far.  This weekend I have been trying out the different aspects of the flash testing it against my other flashes (Nikon) and it has done pretty well with ease of operation.  I cannot talk about the durability of the flash and maybe after the wedding I'll be able to because it will get a good workout then.  Here are some of the specs of the Flash.

Guide # of  58 - I don't know all of the math but the higher the number the more powerful the flash.  

LCD Pannel- Easy to see and can be backlit at any time by push of button

TTL Wireless-  Will work wirelessly with Nikon/Cannon infrared "in Camera" lighting  IE  Nikon's CLS

Auto Focus Assist- Has a red autofocus assist light for low light focusing

+- 5 stop flash compensation-  able to increase or decrease for different lighting situations

High Speed Sync-  Will high speed sync up to 1/8000 shutter speed

Manual operation- Able to adjust from 1/128 to 1/1 power in manual

Rear Curtain Sync- will do rear curtain sync

Cost- 100 dollars  Yay!!!

​These are some of the specs of the flash and there are more but these especially the price are my favorite!  If you are needing a new or second TTL flash I would recommend this one to you.  Remember when you buy it needs to be specific to your camera i.e..  Nikon or Cannon.

Keep Shooting!



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