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The Photographers Eye! How to See the world like a Photographer!

September 18, 2015  •  1 Comment

Photographers EyePhotographers Eye

People often say you take good pictures or where do you go to get good Photos?  The real answer is that good photographs are all around you everywhere you go, you just don't see them.  You need a photographer's eye.  What is a Photographer's Eye?  Its looking at scenes and things like a photographer.  That's kind of a intangible or teachable thing if you think about it. Photography is an art and we should look at scenes like an artist not as a technical problem like most of us usually do thinking of aperture , shutter speed ,what lens to use.  When we should think about composition, Point of View (POV) or most importantly STORY!  So how do we get that untouchable thing that "X" factor?  Well this is how I do it.  I look at a lot of photographs!  Is that simple. If you look at good or great photographs, lots of them , before long you will start looking at situations ,  scenes like a Photographer would with a Photographers Eye.

So where do we get great photographs to look at?  Well long time ago it was in editorial magazines like Life, Look, National Geographic.  But now we have the internet!  There are many photographic sites that you can go to and just explore photographs upon photographs that are just amazing!  A the end of this blog I'll leave links to all the sites that I use.  

The site that I use the most and post most of my photo's in is "Flickr".  Flickr is a social media outlet for Photographs.  You can like and choose photo's as your favorite.  Flicker has all sorts of groups that you can explore and they have an "Explore" Tab where they post the top 500 photographs each day from all over the world and you will be amazed at some of these photo's.  You can search by almost any topic and Flickr can find all of the photo's that are related or tagged as for example landscape, seascape , dogs, cats ect...

Another site that I use is "500 PX"  This site is much like Flickr and like Flickr it is a world wide site.  You can search various photo's from all over the globe in various categories. This site has what they call "Popular" photo's and they are rated on how many views and likes and Favorites and selects the best photo's in each categorie every day.

With these sites you can truly see some fantastic photographs and figure out how and maybe why the photographer chose the point of view or how they looked at the scene and in time you will start looking at everything different. Better! With the Photographers Eye!

Keep Shooting!

Link to Flickr:    https://www.flickr.com

Link to 500 PX:    https://500px.com/login?r=%2Fflow

The photographers eye  by Lucas  Vipieski


Patricia Curtis(non-registered)
Looking at other's photos not only teaches me, but inspires me. From the Point of View to the story-telling aspect, as you wrote in your article, I can learn from their expertise and hopefully apply it in the field. I think it is wonderful that everyone sees the world differently and that photographs of the very same subject can be very different. Nice job.
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