What's in My Bag? Or Bags?

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_MSP6312_MSP6312 There are many "whats in your bag" blogs or videos but I just don't have one bag, I have many.  I have my daily carry bag that I take back and forth to work every day.  I have work items computer and camera gear.  I have my backpacking Kit that includes camera body and 2 lenses and  weighs in in about 5lbs which is less than my big boy camera and a mid length zoom which comes in at about 8 lbs.  Then I have my big boy kit with my big boy camera and lenses that I take on day landscaping trips or on professional shoots interchanging lenses for the occasion that I'm shooting.

First my daily kit or bag that I take with me.  This is the bag that I have with me almost every day. Its the bag that goes back and forth from work with me every day and goes with me on day trips like to festivals or where I'll be doing a lot of walking. 

First my bag is a Lowepro Fastback backpack 250.  A great little bag with the camera compartment on the bottom of the bag and a place for other stuff in the top part.  It has a camera access on the side for getting your camera out quick.  It has a place for tripod and removable hip strap. It has a place for a 15" laptop and is a great day pack.  So here's whats in my backpack.

1. Camera body, Sony A6000

2. Lenses- I carry 2 to 3 lenses all Sony.  16-50mm f3.5-5.6 ,18-105mm f4 ,  10-18mm f4 

3. Small Filter Kit-  Variable Neutral Density Filter, Circular Polarizer, Soft Graduated Neutral Density filter, Stepdown rings.

4. Ultimate tripod

Misc Stuff- iPod,Bluetooth,external hard drive, lens cloth,med kit,brush, comb, business cards,spare battery, cables, pens, markers and lots of other stuff.

​For my backpacking photography gear I use a Ribz front pack.  I have gone through many configurations trying to get my backpacking kit honed in and its tough.  In backpacking weight is the main concern on many decisions that you make because you have to carry everything on your back for many miles on rugged terrain and weather conditions.  The total weight of my backpacking kit bag and all is about 5 lbs.  My big boy camera with a 24-70mm lens come in at about 8 lbs thats without bag or accessories.  So here's what I came up with.

1. Camera Body- Sony A6000

2. Lenses- Sony 10-18mm f4, Sony 18-105mm f4

3. Filter Kit- Circular Polarizer, Variable Neutral Density Filter, 3 Stop Soft Graduated ND Filter, Stepdown Rings for filters

4. Tripod- Trail Pix Tripod

5. Misc- Battery, remote release, lens cloth, extra SD card

_MSP6316_MSP6316 Now how about my Big Boy Bag.  The big boy bag is the bag that I take on professional shoots like birthdays, portrait shoots and is also the bag that I take on day hikes that have a strong subject like waterfalls, sunrises , sunsets or car-ography ( when I'm just riding around taking Photo's).  I consider this kit as my main camera gear.  Depending on the subject the contents can change for example for a party I will take a couple of flashes, batteries ,maybe flash triggers ect... that I wouldn't take with me on a sunrise shoot. So here goes. 

​My big boy bag is a Lowepro Flipside 500 AW

1. Camera Body's- Nikon D800, Nikon D7000 (both with "L" Brackets)

2. Lenses- Nikon 18-35 f3.5-5.6 G, Nikon 24-70mm f2.8G , Nikon 70-200mm f2.8G, 2X Converter

3. Filter Kit- Lee Filter System Holder, ND filters (2-8 stops) Soft Grad ND's, Hard ND, Polarizer,(Also carry Circular Polarizer filters)

4. Tripod- Depending on the situation I'll have a Manfrotto 458 Neotec, Flashpoint Carbon Fiber

5. Remote Shutter release

6. Head Lamp

7. Color Checker Passport

8. Cleaning Kit- Blower, Pen Brush , many lens cloths

9. Misc- Batteries(2), note pad, pen, Camera straps, SD and CF cards, Sensor Swabs, Emergency poncho, rain cover, Model Releases, Business Cards ect... 

Thats what's in my Bag's.  Contents will vary depending where and what Im shooting. I've made some video's that you can link to below and see a more detailed of whats in my bag.

Daily bag: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dhtjnxRuFEc

Backpacking Kit:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qzqq1rt47z0

Big Boy Kit: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mwjz-h3iatI

​Remember camera's, lenses and gear are just tools that we use to do the job. You can get the job done with out all of fancy tools but it's easer with the correct tools.  A carpenter can build a house without power tools but its a lot easer than just using a hammer and hand saw.  Same with a photographer you can take and make great photo's with just a point and shoot.  But its a lot easier with the correct gear. Its more fun too!

Keep shooting !





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