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Adobe Lightroom "Library Module"

October 23, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

Cape Lookout IR 2Cape Lookout IR 2Max Stansell Photography Organizing, Rating, Culling, Exporting, Social media, Collections, Key wording.  These are all things that Adobe Lightroom Library Module can do for you.  This module is where all of your photo's live.  We may take them to other modules to do things but they live here in the Library.

​The organizational part of Lightroom is what makes it Lightroom.  Being able to organize the way you want within Lightroom makes it very versatile.  Being able to rate your photo's makes it easer to cull your photos down from a large number to a manageable one quickly and helps you get the best product out to the world fast.  Also being able to locate photo's through Key wording is a very valuable tool.  If Im looking for a photo of puppies I can just type in puppies and all the photo's that have that key word will appear.

​Rating and Culling is a important process cutting down photo's from the large numbers that we shoot and narrowing them down to the best of the bunch is a big process.  Lightroom can help with a numbering system or a color system.  Lightroom make it easy just by clicking.

Social media is a important part of any photographer now a days.  Its easy to get your photo's onto social media like Facebook, Flicker or 500px.  Just Drag and drop and you can send your photo's there.  

Now here's a video on the Library Module : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CoIfeUq5BIg

Keep Shooting!



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