Photo Walk "Fayetteville NC and Airborne Special Operations Museum"

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The CapitolThe CapitolMax Stansell Photography Hey Everyone!  Photowalks I'm really starting to like them.  Last weekend me and my wife went to Fayetteville 

Hay LoftHay LoftMax Stansell Photography

NC to the Airborne Special Operations Museum and downtown Fayetteville NC.  Now I work in Fayetteville well really Fort Bra

gg for the last 10 years.  I've even done work on the museum but I was always in the back part of the museum and had never seen what it had to offer.  I was really surprised on how nice the exhibits were and really enjoyed myself.  And the price was right ! Free! After the Museum we walke

d around downtown on Hay street (the older part of Fayetteville )  and even to Market House which is the symbol of the town.  I liked it so much

that I'm thinking of taking another trip before too much longer.

Airborne MuseumAirborne MuseumMax Stansell Photography

Old and NewOld and NewMax Stansell Photography








Airborne MuseumAirborne MuseumMax Stansell Photography


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